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    Whether you’re planning a hot summer wedding or a fun business meeting, there is plenty of advice out there to help you do it right. Explore these links and articles to find out how to throw a great event:

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  • What You Need to Know About Tent Rentals

    Illuminated party tent

    When considering a tent rental , it’s important to consider how the specifications of the tent might meet the needs of your special occasion, wedding, or corporate event. Choose the size and accessories that will make your tent rental as comfortable as possible for your guests, and be sure to use a company that offers professional setup.

    Different Tent Sizes and Shapes Serve Different Purposes

    Differently-sized tents accommodate different numbers of guests and party functions. For cocktail parties and receptions with standing room only, plan on providing eight sq. feet per person. For cocktail parties with partial seating, plan on a tent that accommodates 10 sq. feet per person. If you’re planning to have dinner or banquet seating, eight foot rectangular tables require 12 sq. ft per person and 72” round tables call for 15 sq. ft per person of tent space.

    Accessories Can Help Make Your Tent More Comfortable

    When deciding if you need to add accessories to your tent rental, consider the season, time of day, and activities that will be happening inside. Rent tent heaters if the weather forecast is on the cooler side, or if the day looks like it will be hot, consider renting a pedestal fan for powerful air circulation. A Port-A-Cool system is capable of cooling a 30’ x 30’ area 30 degrees. For maximum heating and cooling efficiency, you’ll want to rent tent sidewalls, which come with or without windows depending on whether you want more sunlight inside. A Port-A-Floor tent-flooring accessory is great for adding stability to a tent that’s located on grass or natural surfaces.

    Professional Setup Is a Safer Option

    Most large tents require installation by properly trained staff. A professional can ensure that your tent is set up safely for a variety of outdoor activities, and knows the steps to take in locating and avoiding any underground or overhead utilities.

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  • Make Your Next Office Meeting Fun with a Popcorn, Cotton Candy, or Sno Cone Machine!

    Yummy Cotton Candy

    Providing fun party concessions at your next office meeting is a great way to improve attendance as well as lift employees’ moods during meetings. Consider renting a classic popcorn, cotton candy, or Sno Cone machine for an upcoming office meeting or corporate party and enjoy the following:

    Popcorn Machine

    Including a popcorn machine in your next office meeting can really mix things up. Popcorn is a fun, delicious, and economical snack that can be ordered in the manner that best suits your needs. Popcorn packs may be purchased at $1.75 each, with each popcorn pack serving 10 one-oz. popcorn bags. A 30-count popcorn case can be purchased at  $49.00, making popcorn a cost-effective way to boost employee morale.

    Sno Cone Machine

    Having Sno Cones at your next meeting is a great option for summer, as bringing in sweets for your employees is a great way to motivate staff . Just one gallon of syrup for $9 will serve 60 Sno Cone cups. Flavors include blue bubblegum, cherry, coconut, grape, pineapple, lemon-lime, orange, piña colada, red raspberry, and strawberry.

    Cotton Candy Machine

    Haven’t you always wanted to spin your own cotton candy? Consider adding a cotton candy machine to your next office meeting for a classic and fun snack. Just one $9 half-gallon carton of blue raspberry, pink vanilla, grape, or strawberry floss sugar will make approximately 60 average-sized cones.

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  • How American Party Rental Can Help You with Your Next Event

    Since 1989, American Party Rental has specialized in providing items for events of all types. We have everything you need for weddings, quinceañeras, meetings, banquets, conferences, and other special events.

    Check out this video to learn more about American Party Rental’s high-quality service and equipment. Dance floors, chairs, tables, tents, and champagne fountains are just some of the hundreds of rentals we offer.

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