• How to Prepare the Tables for Your Next Event

    It takes a lot of work to make any event a success. Whether you are planning a wedding reception , birthday party, corporate event, or a barbecue for your friends, you’ll need the right supplies to make everything go smoothly. No matter what kind of event you’re throwing, you’ll need chairs, tables, and maybe even a tent in case of chilly temperatures. Keep reading to learn how to prepare the tables for your next event.

    table at the reception

    You want your event to look good, whether your guests are colleagues and clients or your family and friends.  Table linens  add a classy touch to any party, and show that you took the time to go the extra mile beyond a bare tabletop—or even worse, a plastic tablecloth. Renting table linens allows you to create a sophisticated design scheme, and your guests will appreciate the added elegance even for more casual events. Choose colors that match with the rest of your decorating scheme, and have coordinating tablecloths and napkins to pull the look together.

    If you are planning on throwing a party for small children, paper or plastic cups might suit your needs. However, when you are planning an event that will be attended mostly by adults, it’s best to graduate to rented glassware. Not only does rented glassware look better on your tables, it’s also better for the environment since you won’t be generating excess waste.

    The highlight of any event is almost always the food. Your tables will look much better when the settings have real silverware instead of plastic utensils. In addition to making your event classier, it’s much easier to eat the delicious offerings using silverware, especially if there are meats or crunchy vegetables that need to be cut with a knife.

    American Party Rental is your home for everything you need to make your next event a success. Give us a call at (888) 717-7301 to  learn more about our services . We are Austin’s one-stop shop for tables, linens, chairs, games, and much more. 

  • Your Guide to Winter Wedding Planning

    Planning a wedding is no easy task. In addition to finding the perfect dress or tuxedo, deciding who to invite, and selecting a delicious catering menu, there are many other details that must be taken care of before the big day. A winter wedding can be beautiful and uniquely elegant, especially when you have the right party supplies to accommodate your event. Read on to learn what you need to know about planning a winter wedding.

    Wedding bouquet laying on ice

    Though it doesn’t snow very often in Austin, winter is still a lovely backdrop for a wedding. Even if there isn’t any snow on the ground, you can evoke a wintry feel using colors like ivory and black in your décor, including your table linens. A hint of shimmer will give your wedding a glamorous feel, and a few pops of colors such as deep reds or royal purple will keep things playful.

    Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to spend all of your time indoors. Having an outdoor  wedding in the winter  is a unique and fun twist on your special day. Your ceremony may be brief, but be sure to provide chairs for your guests. For your reception, consider keeping the festivities outside and rent a party tent. You can customize the tent with your own lighting ideas, and keep things warm with heaters so your guests don’t have to don their winter parkas for the evening.

    Your wedding day is one of the most memorable occasions of your life, and it is due in no small part to your friends and family who gather together to celebrate your new life milestone. As a token of your appreciation for their presence in your life, consider giving winter-themed party favors for your guests to take home. You could personalize white or red candles, or bake gingerbread cookies and place a small bag for each guest at every seat at the reception.

    No matter what time of year you decide to get married,  American Party Rental  of Austin has everything you need to make your day a success. Call us at (888) 717-7301 to find out how we can help you with everything from table linens to chairs to dishware and tents. 

  • Which Flowers Should You Choose for a Winter Wedding?

    Winter weddings may not be as common as weddings during the other seasons, but they offer a wonderful setting for unique flower arrangements. Watch this short video to learn which flowers you should choose for a winter wedding.

    It is easy to find flowers in the winter that call to mind the holidays, with lots of reds and greens dominating the stores. For your winter wedding, however, consider keeping your flowers more sophisticated with shades of ivory and cream. You can use green and soft grey touches for an element of interest, and branches give your arrangements height and drama. Muted tones of flowers pair well with vases and containers that have just a hint of sparkle.

    American Party Rental of Austin is happy to provide beautiful vases and other accessories that will make your winter wedding everything you’ve dreamed of. Call us at (888) 717-7301 or  visit us online  for a complete look at our rental catalog.  

  • Helium Safety Tips

    When it comes to event planning, party rentals give you access to some festive extras that enhance the day even more. With a helium cylinder, you can easily fill up colorful balloons, and decorate your venue festively. It is important to follow the proper operating procedure for this party supply, though, in order to keep everyone safe. No one should inhale helium from the equipment or the balloons. Keep children away from the equipment at all times. Wait until you attach a balloon to open the cylinder valve, and be sure to store the tank in a cool, well-ventilated area. You should also remember to shut off the cylinder valve each time you use it.

    Golden balloons party birthday luxury decoration

    American Party Rental  is Austin’s answer to party supply rentals and equipment that enhance an event. Whether you are planning a small party or a huge celebration, our party supplies and table and chair rentals help you get set up. To order a helium cylinder or to learn more about using it safely, call (888) 717-7301. 

  • Tips for Hosting a Wonderful Party

    A party can be a warm gathering of family and friends—or it can be a stress-filled nightmare that puts a damper on the occasion for the host. The option your party turns out to be comes down to the planning. With a few special tricks and the right party supplies , you can remember your event for all of the right reasons. Here are some ideas for hosting a party your guests will treasure.

    Bruschette, traditional italian appetizer food

    Make a List
    It may sound basic, but you can’t plan a good party without the help of a good list. Making a list forces you to focus on the kind of party you want to have. The process of putting together a list will also highlight all of the things you already have for your party—and all of the things you don’t. If making a list is your first step, you won’t suddenly discover that your table linens are stained or that you don’t have as many chairs as you thought an hour before your guests arrive.

    Simplify Your Menu
    Food and drinks at parties don’t have to be fancy to be enjoyed. Don’t build yourself such a complicated menu that you don’t have time to mingle with your guests. Think of preparing  one-pot meals  or adding a special touch to store-bought appetizers. Pick one or two cocktails instead of offering a fully-stocked bar. Unless you plan to hire a caterer, you should keep the food basic so you can actually relax.

    Rent What You Need
    Party supply rentals are the perfect solution when you need party tents, chairs, table linens, and more. When you rent your party supplies, you save money and avoid the hassle of transporting large items. You can even arrange set-up and takedown services so you can focus on the rest of the details.

    Austin’s  American Party Rental  is your partner in creating a memorable party. We offer affordable party supply rentals that include items ranging from tents to china. Find out more about our services by calling (888) 717-7301.