• Essential Summer Party Planning Tips

    summer party planning austin Having a backyard party in Austin is the perfect way to cool down during the summer. There are lots of ways to make your party unique and unforgettable. Invite your friends, rent some party equipment, and get ready to have some fun. Read on for party planning tips for your summer backyard get together .

    Stay Cool

    If you are hosting a party in the summer, keeping your guests cool is a must. For a tasty and refreshing treat fill ice cube trays with water, as well as raspberries or slices of lemon and limes. Once frozen, drop the cubes into a glass of water or lemonade for a delicious burst of flavor. Another chilly option is to fill decorative bins, or even just coolers, with plenty of ice and assorted bottled beverages for people to choose from.

    Summer Decorations

    Keep the atmosphere of your summer party light and cool with decorations that blow in the breeze. Soft colors and flowing materials will look great around your backyard. Try hanging a paper flag banner in a central location for a fun visual. You can also decorate with an abundance of summer flowers. Get a festive, glamorous feel when the sun goes down by lining a pathway or two with white tea light candles. If you don’t want to buy decorations, you can always rent things like assorted linens from a party supply rental store.

    Outdoor Entertainment

    Hook up a projector, which are always available to rent, to a laptop and play movies in your backyard. Hang up a white sheet or use an empty wall as a movie screen. Your guests will love gathering around the screen for a good laugh. For good old-fashioned fun, pick out a colorful piñata and hang it up for your friends to take a crack at. You may be surprised how much fun you can have with games from back in the day!

    Whatever your party requires, American Party Rental in Austin has the supplies you need. Call (512) 236-5773 or visit us online to learn more about the party lighting, tents, and other accessories we have available.