Linen Gallery

Table linens help to complete the look of any party setting, whether you are aiming for a casual get-together or a formal black-tie affair. At American Party Rental, we offer a wide selection of rental party supplies in Austin, including party tents, party lighting, and table linen rentals.

Table Linen Components

“Table linens” is a broad term that encompasses many different items. The type of table linens you choose may depend upon the formality of your event, as well as the overall look you want to create.

  • Tablecloths are a type of table linen used to cover the top and sides of a table; tablecloths are available in a variety of shapes and drop lengths to accommodate any type of table and achieve the side coverage you want. Multiple tablecloths can be layered for added effect.

  • Table skirts are similar to tablecloths, but always cover the table’s legs all the way to the ground. A table skirt is an ideal option to dress up folding or mismatched tables during a formal event.

  • Table runners are long, thin strips of fabric that are used solely for decorative purposes. A table runner may cover the full length of a table, or it may only decorate the central portion of the surface. Runners are often used to create a layered look in either a contrasting or complementary color.

  • Placemats are typically used to denote place settings for individuals as both a stylistic and practical marker. These linens can also be used to highlight centerpieces or featured dishes.

  • Napkins add a stylish splash of color to place settings, while also serving to keep guests and eating areas clean during meals.

Popular Linen Types

Table linen products are available in a wide variety of fabric options, allowing you to choose not only the color, but the texture of your linens as well.

Polyester fabrics range from light to medium weights. This fabric is durable, offering high stain resistance, short drying times, and a wide variety of color options.

Pintuck fabrics feature parallel pleat-like folds that are sewn into place, creating a diamond pattern. These fabrics are lightweight, versatile, and appropriate for both formal and casual events.

Krinkle fabric has a “crinkled” or intentionally wrinkled appearance. This textured lightweight fabric is perfect as a decorative accessory

Lace is an open fabric with a fine, lightweight texture; this type of fabric is often used for overlays in formal settings.

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