• How to Choose an RSVP Date for Your Party

    When you send out invitations for a wedding or another big event, you may want to include an RSVP date. By asking your guests to RSVP, you will be able to plan ahead and rent party supplies to serve the number of people who will be in attendance. The RSVP date for your party will typically be determined by the size and formality of the affair. A wedding, for instance, may have an RSVP date of several months in advance. If you are planning a casual birthday party, you can ask your guests to RSVP within 2 weeks of the event.

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  • The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Winter Wedding [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Winter weddings can be spectacular, but they do require a certain amount of planning. Planning a wedding for the winter gives you the opportunity to use different themes, colors, and flowers that you may not be able to use during the summer.

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  • Acing the Etiquette of an Adults-Only Wedding

    When you are getting ready for your wedding, it will be up to you to choose who you will invite. If you want your wedding to be a distraction-free affair, consider making your event adults-only. A company that offers wedding rentals can provide you with the supplies that you need for your mature ceremony and reception. To help you get started on planning, here is a look at the etiquette of an adults-only wedding.

    Provide Plenty of Notice

    If you want to have an adults-only wedding, you will need to provide your guests with plenty of time to plan ahead for the date. When your guests are asked to leave their children at home, it will be necessary for them to hire babysitters or secure other forms of childcare. By notifying your guests in advance, you can help them to plan ahead and arrange for appropriate childcare during the ceremony and reception.

    Create an Informative Website

    Many of today’s couples choose to create wedding websites where they can provide their guests with specific information and instructions for the event. When you are planning the content of your website, include a note that reminds your guests that the event is for adults only. Placing this information on your site can help to clear up any confusion.

    Make Sure to Enforce Your Policy

    Once you have decided to make your wedding adults-only, you will need to stand behind your decision. If you allow some guests to arrive with children, you may create hurt feelings with your guests who were willing to leave their kids with a babysitter.

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  • Advice for Managing Your Wedding Invitations

    When you are planning your wedding, it is important to put together your guest list and design your invitations. In this video, you will receive some essential advice that will help you manage your wedding invitations. Before you send out your invitations, decide on the size of your wedding, as well as your budget. After you have sent out your invitations, you will be ready to reserve your wedding rentals.

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  • A Guide to Picking Your Wedding Colors

    Wedding colors are an important element of your wedding, and there are many ways that they will show up throughout your big day. Your colors are often showcased in your table linens, decorations, and bridal party attire, so it is important to choose the best colors to represent you and your future spouse. You can take inspiration from your venue, the color wheel, and your wedding essentials. Read on to get a better understanding of picking out your wedding colors.

    Look at Your Surroundings

    Your wedding venue could have a lot of influence on your colors, especially if the venue has a memorable décor scheme or exterior landscaping. If your venue has a milder color palette, however, then you can choose bolder colors in your table linens and decorations. If you are still looking for inspiration, then consider the key features of the venue. Pull color ideas from a garden, banquet hall, or décor theme.

    Remember Your Must-Haves

    You may have certain necessities for your wedding ceremony or reception, such as a special decoration or family heirloom addition. Take these must-haves into consideration when choosing your colors. For example, if you are wearing a handed-down wedding gown made of ivory lace, then make sure your colors and table linen rentals will not clash with the design. If you have a favorite color that may not complement your must-haves, then consider choosing a similar shade or your next favorite color.

    Consider the Color Wheel

    The color wheel is an important resource when choosing the right colors for your big day. A color wheel shows the relationship between primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. Use this resource to find matching and complementary colors that will showcase different elements of your wedding, such as your centerpieces, table linens, and china patterns.

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