• What Are My Options for Table Linens?

    When it comes to table linens, your imagination is the limit in terms of colors and patterns to fit in with any design you might think up. But what are your options when it comes to tablecloths? There are a few shapes and sizes to choose from, and you can go with multiple layers for a distinctive final look.

    In addition to basic tablecloths, which cover the tops of your tables and leave the legs exposed, you can find runners, skirts, and overlays. Runners are long and thin, and they serve as decorative accents, either running the length of the table or drawing attention to a centerpiece. Table skirts are longer than tablecloths, offering a more formal aesthetic. Overlays come in fabrics like lace and organza, which can be layered over solid-colored tablecloths to add more texture.

    Whatever you have in mind for your table linens, you can find it with American Party Rental. To explore our linen rental selection in Austin, visit our website today. You can also call us at (512) 236-5773 for questions about our rental process or party planning tips.

  • Quinceanera Planning 101

    A Quinceanera only happens once in your daughter’s life, so it’s important to make the celebration a special one that she’ll remember for years to come. Planning a Quinceanera is like planning any other special event in Austin, in that you’ll need to book a venue, send out invitations early, and tend to all the event rentals that provide seating, décor, and table settings to the celebration. Along with these essential party planning considerations, you’ll want to remember the following specific guidelines for a successful and memorable Quinceanera.

    Set Aside Plenty of Time for the Wardrobe Selection

    One of the most essential features of any Quinceanera is the dress. Whatever color or design your daughter chooses for her gown, it should set the tone for the décor and style of the rest of the event. You may need to order the dress well in advance and allot time for any last-minute adjustments or fittings before the party.

    Prepare a Dance Floor

    No Quinceanera would be complete without music from a live band or DJ as well as a dance floor. Dancing is a centerpiece of the event, and many girls of honor will choose to have a surprise dance showing off special choreography.

    Plan the Guest List Early

    Because the Quinceanera is a coming of age event, it is a time to invite the whole family, who should be given plenty of notice to plan their travel arrangements to get to the party. You should also give your daughter final say over which friends she wants to invite and be sure that you choose a venue large enough to accommodate everyone.

    As you plan any celebration in Austin, you can find the supplies you need to bring it together with American Party Rental. We have everything from table linens, chairs, and dancefloors to games and décor. To explore our catalog, visit our website or give us a call at (512) 236-5773.

  • Planning an Outdoor Wedding? Here’s What Not to Do

    In the beautiful spring or the mild fall weather, an outdoor wedding in Austin may be your dream setting for saying “I do.” If you do plan an outdoor wedding, however, you do have to remember some key details to keep yourself and your guests comfortable throughout the event. When you invite your guests, be sure to make a note on the invitation that the venue is outdoors, so guests will be able to plan appropriate attire. You’ll also want to avoid the following missteps that couples tend to make when planning outdoor weddings.

    Fail to Have a Backup Plan

    An outdoor wedding can be beautiful if the weather cooperates, but you never know when temperatures may be higher than usual or a rainstorm will roll through. These events do not have to ruin your day if you have a backup plan in place, such as a tent rental or an indoor area at the venue site where your reception could be moved if conditions turn poor.

    Rent Delicate Linens

    Your event rental list will look different for an outdoor wedding, because you will need chairs and tables that can stand up to the elements. The same goes for table linens, so you should avoid delicate fabrics like silk. You’ll also want to think about the right color for your linens—white tablecloths may not hold up as well in the outdoors as bold or dark colors that can blend in with the surrounding environment.

    Wear High Heels

    If you must walk across grass, dirt, or gravel, you won’t want to be wearing tall heels while negotiating uneven terrain. Avoid any wedding day blunders and opt for flats or wedges, and have other members of the bridal party follow your lead.

    American Party Rental can make it easy to plan your wedding, whether you are hosting a small event in your backyard or a huge tent reception in a local park. To explore all of the supplies we have to offer, visit us online or call us at (512) 236-5773.

  • Try Serving These Easy Hors D’oeuvres at Your Next Get-Together

    When you host a party, you don’t have to spend the entire day cooking to have food to serve your guests. Especially at a children’s birthday party in Austin or family gathering, it is not expected that you will serve a complicated or formal meal. With recipes like the one featured in this video, you can be out of the kitchen quickly and spend more time enjoying your game and entertainment rentals with your party guests.

    Try out this simple pinwheel recipe to please a crowd and rent the supplies you need for a perfect gettogether through American Party Rental. You can reach us at (512) 236-5773 or visit our website to check out our serving dishes, china, and table linens.