• New Year’s Eve Must-Haves That Will Take Your Party to the Next Level

    New Year’s Eve is perhaps the most important party night of the year. Your ordinary party routine just won’t do. To really pull off a memorable event, you will need to pay special attention to everything from your cocktails to your party supplies . Once your New Year’s Eve party invitations are in the mail, consider these items you’ll need in order to deliver an amazing evening for your guests.

    2014 fireworks.

    Specialty Cocktails
    Every special event has a cocktail that makes it memorable. To make your party really stand out, come up with a  unique cocktail  created just for your event. You can start with a New Year’s Eve staple—champagne—and add ingredients to create a special sip. For example, citrus fruits mix well with champagne. You can also whip up a holiday-themed martini or bourbon-based drink. Be sure to give your drink a name so that your guests will always associate it with your big night.

    Stand-Out Party Supplies
    All parties need things like chairs, linens, and china, but consider some out-of-the-ordinary party decorations for your New Year’s Eve event. You don’t have to spend a big chunk of your party budget on these additions to your décor. Instead, you can rent special items like disco balls, candelabras, and even dance floors from a local party supply company.

    Fun Games
    Good food, engaging music, and a good mix of people are the main ingredients for a good party, but games always make a welcome addition. Games can be an especially great idea if your guest list includes people of all ages. Set up some game stations around your party space and consider taking things to the next level by renting carnival games for your event.

    American Party Rental in Austin has all of the party supplies you need for your New Year’s Eve party and all of your other events throughout the year. We offer the basics like  rental chairs, tents, and china  in addition to unique party items, including carnival games and disco balls. When you’re planning your party, call us at (888) 717-7301 to find out how we can help.  

  • Food and Drinks to Serve at Your Holiday Parties

    Food and drinks are a major part of any holiday gathering. From traditional favorites to special treats, the right food and drinks will make your holiday parties even more memorable. In fact, one of the toughest parts of planning a holiday gathering is usually narrowing down the menu. These tips will help.

    Hanukkah's candles

    If you’re hosting a Hanukkah event, focus on the traditional. Your guests will come in search of latkes and loukoumades, so plan on delivering. Many Hanukkah foods are fried, so consider experimenting with healthier takes on the classics to offer your guests options. For Christmas gatherings, desserts rule. Chocolate and peppermint combine well in everything from brownies to cheesecake, while gingerbread offers a touch of spice. As for drinks, seek out Kosher wine for Hanukkah festivities and offer a variety of sweet cocktails like peppermint martinis for Christmas parties. Champagne will work well at both a holiday party and New Year’s Eve soiree.

    You can find all of the serving dishes and china you need for your holiday party dining at American Party Rental in Austin. Turn to us for all of your  party supply rentals , including tents and chairs. Reserve your supplies by calling (888) 717-7301. 

  • Set The Mood for Your Holiday Party With This App!

    Great music is the foundation of every successful party. Holiday music is a particularly important part of setting the mood at a seasonal gathering, but most people don’t have huge collections of appropriate tunes. That problem is a thing of the past thanks to the Christmas RADIO Android app.

    The Christmas RADIO app puts a world of holiday music options right at your fingertips. Opt for jazzy takes on Christmas classics, go country for the holidays, or a let a mix of stations pump out a variety of holiday music styles. You can delight the kids at your party with the live broadcast from the North Pole. Even better, all of these stations stream right from your smartphone for free.

    Christmas RADIO

    For everything else you need for a perfect holiday bash, call American Party Rentals. We offer a range of party supply rentals, including chairs and table linens.  Learn about our products and prices  by calling (888) 717-7301.

  • Making Your Company Picnic a Success

    Thanks to the mild winter weather and an abundance of parks and other attractive outdoor locales here in Austin, you and your business colleagues can enjoy a company picnic nearly any month of the year. In order to make the most of such an event, it’s important that you plan important details such as the menu, decorations, and activities early on. Be sure to also consider whether or not you would like to invite the family members of your colleagues.

    As you will see in this video, should you decide to invite your colleagues’ children to the company picnic, you can keep them entertained using exciting outdoor games as well as simple arts and crafts projects. You can also cater to their appetites by offering some tasty, kid-friendly lunch options.

    If you are looking for a simple way to make the process of planning a picnic or party much easier, then consider renting party equipment from  American Party Rental . Find out how our rental items can enhance your event by calling (888) 717-7301.