• A Quick Look at This Year’s Wedding Trends

    wedding trends austin

    Weddings are often used as an opportunity for a bride and groom to display their individuality. Decorations, themes, and colors are a chance to get creative and really leave an impression on your guests. Take a look at these hot new wedding trends for a chance to make your mark this wedding season.

    As the times change, so does the way we do weddings. Some wedding photographers are trying out drone photography and Go-Pro cameras to get unique wedding shots from all angles. Casual weddings are bowing down to the reemergence of sophisticated, white-glove affairs. Think hand-delivery of invitations and champagne towers. Wedding planners and brides are going bolder with their color palettes, choosing deep royal colors and velvety shades. And naturally, the traditional wedding dress is giving way to a fresher look. Some brides are opting for two-piece dresses, jumpers, and short dresses. Have fun with it!

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  • Questions to Ask Your Catering Company

    questions to ask your caterer austin The food is one of the most significant parts of any wedding reception. When hiring a catering company for your wedding it is a good idea to ask any and all questions you may have. You are investing money, as well as serving a lot of people, so it is important that you know what to expect. Keep reading for some questions you will want to ask your caterer.

    Ask About the Food

    You likely want the food at your reception to be memorable and well prepared. Find out what kind of food your caterer specializes in, and ask to see menu options . Will the caterer prepare a special dish, such as a family recipe, that you provide? Can your caterer account for different guests’ dietary needs, such as vegetarian, kosher, or gluten free? Also ask whether he or she will bake the wedding cake or if you need to find a bakery.

    Questions About Business

    Get to know the catering company and how it operates. Establish who the main contact will be. Ask about price range and how many people they are willing to serve. It can never hurt to ask the catering company for references from previous clients. Caterers should offer you a food tasting prior to hiring, so be sure to ask if they don’t. Additionally, find out where the caterer intends to prepare the food.

    Other Provided Services

    Catering companies will often provide more than just food. The extra services can make your wedding day much easier. You will want to know if the catering company has a wait staff, or if you will have to arrange that through the venue. Will the catering company provide tables and chairs? Do you need to rent catering supplies? Figure out how much of a role your caterer will play during the reception.

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  • Dealing with Divorced Parents At Your Wedding

    The vast majority of the clients I’ve worked with over the years have had divorced parents on one side of the aisle. The divorced couples who got along made the wedding day effortless. The ones who didn’t get along made it a bit challenging. There were a few times I had to instruct a mom or dad to behave or leave.

    I’ve always felt that the wedding couple is who sets the tone for the behavior. Don’t be afraid to set some rules about how the divorced parents should conduct themselves, and make sure to be gracious and recognize all the parents involved. Try to set aside any differences you have with your stepparent or step-siblings. It will make your wedding day far less stressful.

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  • Wedding Tips: Tent Rental

    If you can’t find the right venue at the right time of year for your dream wedding, do not worry. A wedding supply rental company in Austin, TX can make your dreams come true. Watch this video to see how tents were creatively used during the Winter Olympics in 2010 to host amazing parties and events.

    At the Olympics, tents were used to extend space at venues that were not large enough. They even created venues from tents. This can be an option to make your big day dreams come true. No matter the time of year, tents can help to make your wedding beautiful.

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  • Wedding Rentals 101

    If you are getting married, you know sorting through all the details can be difficult. Fortunately, working with a company that provides a wide variety of party supplies in Austin, TX can help. Read on to learn about wedding supply rentals for your big day.

    It’s easy to look over the basics while you focus on the finer details. Make sure you rent enough tables to seat all of your guests. Base table shapes off of the venue size to avoid overcrowding things. Along with tables, rent enough chairs for the ceremony and reception. Dishes, flatware, and table linen rentals help to complete the overall look for your reception area. Also tents with proper lighting can create a whimsical atmosphere for your ceremony and reception areas.

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