• Different Styles of Wedding Receptions

    Wedding receptions in Austin As you start to plan your dream wedding, you should not feel limited by traditional receptions. Keep reading to learn more about different kinds of receptions and wedding accessories that can help you put together your ideal day.

    Brunch Receptions

    If you want to save a little money on your wedding reception, you can turn it into a brunch celebration. Wedding venues usually have more availability during the late morning and early afternoon, which makes it much easier to make a booking for your wedding. You can set up a selection of brunch food and drinks on your table rentals to give your guests the opportunity to choose what they want to eat.

    Cocktail Receptions

    You can throw a wedding reception without serving a full meal. Opting for a cocktail reception gives you a chance to create a formal, fun atmosphere for your wedding celebration without the need to plan out a full menu. You can serve some snacks and creative cocktails and still have an amazing reception with your friends and family. You can even get a tent rental so you can throw your cocktail reception outside.

    Buffet-Style Receptions

    If you do want to throw a more traditional wedding reception, you can opt for a buffet-style dinner. Setting up a selection of food around your wedding venue is a great way to give your guests the variety they need to find food they can eat. Buffet-style receptions also give your guests the chance to get up and mingle.

    Sit-Down Dinner Receptions

    Sit-down dinners are classy and elegant. If you want your wedding reception to be completely traditional, you might want to consider planning a sit-down dinner. With the right party rentals and caterer, you can create a beautiful and memorable dinner reception.

    American Party Rental has everything you need for your Austin wedding. From linens to audio-visual equipment, we can provide you with the details that will make your wedding special. To learn more about our rental services and the products we offer, visit us online or call (512) 837-6500.

  • Enhance Your Event with a Chocolate Fountain!

    Chocolate fountain Austin, TX Are you looking for a special way to add pizazz to your upcoming party? One quick and delicious solution that you certainly won’t regret is renting a chocolate fountain from your Austin party supply rental company. Chocolate fountains are not only enjoyable because of the delicious treat that they offer to hungry guests, but also because they offer an interactive experience. You can select a variety of fruits and pastries for partygoers to dip into the chocolate, allowing them to create their own unique dessert.

    In order to make sure that your chocolate fountain is a success at your party, be sure to provide guests with fashionable plates and serving ware, provided by American Party Rental. Our party rentals business is a one-stop shop for all of your party rental needs. To get started ordering china rentals, linen rentals, or other event rentals from us, call (512) 236-5773.

  • Impress Guests with an Amazing Cocktail Party

    Cocktail party near Libertyville For a fun event to suit almost any occasion, you can’t go wrong with a cocktail party. Whether you’re hosting a corporate event for your workplace or planning your wedding reception with friends and family, a cocktail party will encourage your guests to mingle and have fun. By renting different glassware and linens , you can organize your cocktail party around almost any theme. Listed below are a few classic ideas.

    Hollywood Golden Age Glamour

    For an elegant late afternoon or evening cocktail party , decorate in the style of the 1930s—the Golden Age of Hollywood. Rent table linens and napkins in gold, silver, white, and black, with perhaps one single accent color. Serve elegant, classic cocktails such as the Sidecar, the Manhattan, or the Old Fashioned. You could also easily move your theme back into the 1920s or up into the 1940s by choosing different colors and music. This theme is perfect for a wedding or a more serious corporate event.

    Tropical Luau Fun

    Austin has a wonderfully warm climate, so you can have an outdoor cocktail party almost any time of year. A fun, festive tropical Luau motif is great for a family reunion, a casual weekend barbecue, or any other daytime party. Choose table linens and decorations in a wide variety of bright, flowery Polynesian tones. To quench the guests’ thirst, you can serve island-inspired creations such as Daiquiris, Mai Tais, or Hurricanes in the appropriate glassware.

    Belle Époque Parisian Elegance

    For a charming bachelorette party or bridal shower, look to Belle Époque France. Rent blue checkered linens and more ornate white or gold chairs to transform your backyard into a Parisian sidewalk bistro or a French country chateau. Make a pyramid of classic champagne coupes or serve fizzy French 75s in tall flutes.

    No matter what theme you choose for your next cocktail party, you can rent the perfect tables, chairs, linens, and glassware from American Party Rental of Austin. To find out what supplies we have available, call us today at (512) 236-5773.