• Learn to Fold Napkins Like a Pro

    Have you ever seen those fancy napkins and wondered how they get folded so nicely? You don’t have to wonder anymore! This video shows a very simple and beautiful way to fold your table linens without stress.

    If you have questions about the best ways to fold napkins, ask your party supply company, but until then, you can learn the fancy fan fold. Fold the napkin in half, and make short, inch-long folds in an accordion-style fashion. Stop about halfway through the linen, fold the remaining half into a triangle and let the folded section fan out.

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  • Types of Tents to Consider for Your Outdoor Event

    It’s springtime, and the weather is perfect for your wedding, birthday party, or anniversary celebration! If you’re a little concerned about those April showers or that May sunshine, consider adding a party tent to your list of party supplies . Take a look at different types of tent rentals.

    Pop-up Tents

    If you want something easy to assemble yourself, the pop-up tent, also known as a canopy tent, is the way to go. The assembly requirements are in the name; the tent simply pops up without tools or complications. The accordion-style frame makes these tents perfect for a small party or venue in a park or on the beach. Be wary of inclement and windy weather; the pop-up tent is meant as a temporary structure that won’t stand up to wind very well.

    Pole and Tension Tents

    Pole tents and tension tents are other popular options for outdoor events. Technically, these are two different types of tents, but they’re very similar in construction and look. Both utilize a pole frame around the edge of the tent with support poles in the center. The difference between the two is minimal, but the tension tent has a greater center height than the regular pole tent. Tension tents give a more dramatic and spacious effect for your formal party. Both are sturdy options, but do require a lot of ground for set-up.

    Frame Tents

    Frame tents are the sturdiest option of your event rentals. Using a metal frame as support, this type of tent rental doesn’t need a center pole or ropes to hold it into place. It is the more expensive option, though. Also, it requires more set-up time and help and only holds so much space. Consult your event rentals company for the best options for your event and venue.

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  • Add Extra Fun to Your Child’s Birthday Party with these Carnival Games

    Your child’s happiness is one of the most important concerns in your life, so why not make his birthday party as memorable as possible? Every kid loves games, and carnival games are no exception. Instead of filling your house with games you’ll only pull out a handful of times, consider renting them from your local party rentals company.

    Bean bag toss, horseshoes, and skee ball are just a few of the fun and exciting games you’ll find at your party store. Bubble machines and a dunk tank will make guests even more excited, from the little ones fascinated with bubbles to the big kids trying to dunk each other. These party supplies and games will make your child’s birthday party the talk of the classroom for months to come. Don’t forget the jumping castle! You need a way to tire those kids out, so why not call your event rentals company for the best jumping castles around?

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  • Taking the Stress Out of Designing a Seating Chart for Your Wedding

    Planning a wedding can be stressful, from choosing your decorations to designing a seating chart. You’re marrying the love of your life, so don’t stress out over what should be a small part of your big day. Use the many resources you have at your disposal to create a memorable event. These tips can help you put together your seating chart, find the right wedding rentals, and avoid stress when planning your special day .

    Plan Ahead

    When it comes to planning out your seating chart, you might have to wait until you get all of your RSVPs to make your official chart. You should still have an idea of how you want your reception to look. Talk to your wedding rentals company about the size of your tables and chairs. Will they provide enough room for your guests? How should they be set up in the venue space? Even asking their personal advice from other weddings they’ve been a part of can be helpful. These questions are important to ask when considering all of your wedding accessories and rentals.

    Get Input

    Along with asking your wedding rentals company for official measurements, you should include your close family and friends in the seating chart. You might not know that your two favorite aunts don’t really get along, or that your cousin has a secret crush on one of your friends. Your parents and close friends can help you see the bigger picture of who would have a more enjoyable time sitting next to someone else. In the end, though, don’t let your family dictate the seating chart. Take their advice, but remember that it’s still your wedding and your guests.

    Be Open-Minded

    You may think sitting your sorority sisters at the same table is the way to go, but mix it up a little. A wedding can be a great place to bring new friends and family together. Try to have at least one familiar face for everyone at a table, but mix in strangers you think will get along.

    If you are ready to start planning your seating chart and find party supplies for your Austin, TX wedding, call American Party Rental . We offer a wonderful selection of table rentals, table linen rentals, chair rentals, and much more. Get started by calling us at (512) 236-5773.

  • What to Avoid With Your Wedding Reception Floor Plan

    A wedding supply rental store can help you design your ideal wedding that accounts for every detail. When you begin planning the reception, remember to keep your atmosphere joyful and energetic. How your reception goes has a lot to do with how you arrange your wedding reception floor plan. Keep reading to learn why you should avoid direct sunlight, crowd splitting, and separate music for your wedding reception.

    Direct Sunlight

    As your wedding supply rental company will advise you, your wedding reception plan should avoid exposing guests to direct sunlight. Not only does sunlight risk spoiling your party food catering and creating a glare from your party lighting, it can also make your guests feel hot or uncomfortable. Make sure to secure party tents that have plenty of shade if you get married during the summer or in the afternoon hours.

    Crowd Splitting

    When you arrange party tents, never give your guests multiple room options. While it may seem like a great idea to separate the dance floor and the bar, guests may congregate in just one reception area. Others may stop to get a drink at the bar and simply never return. Weddings are social, high energy events. Make sure to create a space that allows people to mingle in a large, open setting.

    Separate Music

    Separating the DJ from the dance floor is another common wedding reception mistake. Some wedding receptions surround the dance floor with guest tables, while putting the DJ against a corner wall. Unfortunately, that means music will need to be played especially loud to make it to the dance floor, which can be uncomfortable for guests seated close to his booth.

    For the best wedding accessories, table linens, tenting, and more for your reception, look no further than American Party Rental. Our experienced wedding supply rental specialists can help guide you to the best accessories for your occasion . Whether you want a small, casual wedding or prefer a large and formal affair, call us at (512) 236-5773 to discuss your wedding accessories in Austin.