• Renting Tents: Installation, Regulations, and Weather Concerns

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    Tent rentals give you the opportunity to plan a beautiful and functional outdoor event. These event rentals help you account for a variety of weather conditions and add a really great visual element to your party décor. Keep reading to learn more about renting tents so you can ensure that your event is a success:

    Tent Installation

    The event rental company provides a trained crew to install the tent and take it down when you are finished with it. It is essential for your safety that the professionals take charge of installing the tents. You must clear out the area before the crew arrives so they can easily erect the tent. After your party, make sure the tent is completely empty so the crew can take it down.

    Tent Regulations

    You must check with your event venue before the tent rentals arrive to see if you need any permits. If you are using your tent for dining purposes , you have to leave clear pathways to exits so your guests can get out quickly in the case of an emergency. You cannot use hay or other combustible materials on the ground of your tent and must have at least 10 feet between all of your stake lines.

    Weather Concerns

    If you are using your tent on a cold day, you can only use fired heaters that are labeled. Liquefied petroleum gas heaters are not allowed unless you place the tanks at least five feet from the tent. You can only use labeled electric heaters. It is also important to understand that the tents are temporary structures and might not protect against every kind of weather situation.

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  • Last-Minute Finishing Touches for Summer Weddings

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    As your wedding date creeps closer and closer, it is important to finish up all of the last-minute planning details to ensure that you are officially ready for your big day. Use this guide to help you remember all of the final touches before your wedding :

    Be Prepared for the Weather

    Heat and humidity can make it uncomfortable for you guests to sit through the ceremony. If you want to keep everyone comfortable as you say your “I Dos,” you should place some parasols or fans near the chair rentals so your guests can grab them if they want them. You might even want to provide some sunscreen so everyone remembers to protect themselves from the sun.

    Have Drinks Waiting

    If possible, pay your bartender to arrive early to greet your guests with some refreshingly cool drinks that help them maintain a comfortable body temperature throughout the day. Outdoor weddings are beautiful during the summer, but it is important to plan ahead for hot weather by providing plenty of drinks so your guests can stay hydrated .

    Put Up Tent Rentals

    Tent rentals are especially important for summer weddings because they provide relief from the brutal sunshine. Tent rentals also give you another surface to decorate with your wedding theme. If your wedding spans into the nighttime hours, you can also string up decorative lights for a beautiful effect. In case it rains, these tents also allow you to keep celebrating your nuptials outside.

    Make Sure Your Venue Has a Refrigerator

    From your flowers to your wedding cake, it is essential to store these delicate items in a refrigerator until you are ready to use them. The summer heat could cause your wedding flowers to wilt and might even melt your wedding cake. If you can place everything in a refrigerator, you know it will be safe from the weather.

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