Keeping Family Drama Out of Your Wedding


Weddings are joyous occasions, in which two families become one—at least, that’s the idea. In the real world, sometimes hurt feelings and bad blood between family members can come to a head when everyone gathers for a wedding, casting a shadow over the day. If you’re about to tie the knot, the last thing you want to deal with while you’re juggling wedding rentals, DJs, and catering is family members who are causing conflict. Fortunately, there are things you can do to put a damper on the drama before it even begins. Follow these steps to ensure you get to remember your wedding day for the right reasons.


Plan Your Seating Chart Wisely

The right seating arrangement is key to a peaceful wedding. If you have certain people who don’t get along with each other, make sure that they are not seated near each other, if possible. Put neutral family members at each person’s table to ensure that no one feels left out. For instances in which unfriendly family members may have to be close to each other, such as during the ceremony, put at least one buffer person between them to discourage conflicts.


Attempt to Address Problems in Advance

If you have an estranged family member that you want to have at your wedding, don’t simply send an invitation and see if he or she shows up. Well in advance of the wedding, reach out, even if you think that the other person should be making the first move. Try to meet up in person to lay the groundwork for a closer relationship. Don’t send a wedding invitation until it feels right, so he or she doesn’t try to use your wedding day as a chance to air grievances.


Make Your Expectations Known

Sometimes, conflict arises from the people closest to you, such as divorced parents and their new partners. Let everyone know what you expect in terms of behavior, and don’t acquiesce to demands like excluding new spouses. Stay neutral, and refocus everyone on supporting you and your spouse-to-be.


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