• 3 Tips for Renting Your Wedding Table Linens

    Table set for a festive party or dinner

    Choosing linens may not be at the top of your wedding planning task list, but the perfect table linens can give your reception the “wow” factor you are looking for. The appropriate wedding linens can complete your color scheme and will also greatly enhance the overall aesthetic and mood of your special day. Use the tips below to rent your table linens with ease and make your wedding reception a visual success.

    • style=”font-size: 11px;”>Select Appropriate Sizes

    Enlist the assistance of your reception venue to plan a comfortable seating arrangement and room layout for your reception. From this plan, you can determine how many tables you will need to dress with linens, which may include dinner, cocktail, cake, and place card tables. Your rental company can also provide you with each table’s size so that you will choose the appropriate tablecloths, runners, napkins, and table skirting for your reception.

    • style=”font-size: 11px;”>Choose Colors that Complement Your Theme

    Next, you should select table linen colors that work well in the room where your reception will be held and fit the theme of your wedding colors. Most modern brides and grooms choose at least two colors that influence the décor of the entire wedding, so you may choose linens in multiple colors. Also, if your wedding activities will take place over the course of a day, check the effect of the changing light on the color tone of the room and your chosen linen colors.

    • style=”font-size: 11px;”>Place Your Order Early

    Don’t let your linens get lost in the flurry of your wedding planning! Because linens feature so prominently in the reception and provide the backdrop for your table centerpieces, don’t put off this important task; waiting until the very last minute to place your linen order with your rental company can limit your choices. In order to ensure the linens you so carefully selected are available, you should reserve your linens six to 10 weeks before your big day.

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  • 3 Great Themes for Your Winter Events

    Wintery cupcakes to celebrate New Year

    Don’t let the post-holiday slump ruin the rest of your winter—instead, take control and organize a winter-themed party that brings joy back to your family and friends! With the right party rentals, you can easily plan an event of any size. Consider trying one of the following themes when throwing your winter party:

    • Winter Sports

    The weather might not be as nice as it is during the other seasons, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay holed up inside. Take advantage of the cooler temperatures to organize a party based around your favorite winter sport. Whether you want to rent out the local ice rink or winterize a different season’s sport, a winter sports party is a great way to get everyone energized and moving.

    • Beach Party

    What better way to get rid of the winter blues than to pretend it’s summer? With the right party supplies and equipment rentals, you can easily transform your yard into a warm and beautiful beach. Get a few portable heaters blowing into your rental party tents, and you might just be able to convince your guests that they have escaped to a tropical paradise!

    • Warm Beverage Potluck

    Whether you prefer hot chocolate , tea, or a traditional cup of coffee, you can throw a family-friendly gathering centered around sharing favorite hot drinks. Renting a few tables and chairs enables you to set up a huge array of beverages and garnishes. The added warmth from these drinks will help you make it through the home stretch of winter.

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  • Wedding Planning 101: Reception

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    The final headcount for your wedding will have a large impact on the type and amount of party rentals that you will need. Since the reception usually encompasses at least half of your budget, proper planning can help you save money. By making a seating chart in advance, you will know exactly how many tables and chairs to rent.

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