• How to Throw an Unforgettable New Year’s Eve Celebration

    A great New Year’s Eve party is one that is festive, romantic, and full of surprises. To ensure the success of your New Year’s Eve party, you should take advantage of the services of a professional party supply rental company. You can get the perfect table linens, party lighting, and party decorations for your big event.

    Regardless of how big or elaborate your party is, an expert at your local party supply store can help you plan for every last detail. Your guests will be happy and comfortable when you serve creative holiday cocktails and hire a professional party food catering company. If you’re holding your party outdoors, be sure to rent a party tent, party lighting, and outdoor heaters to create a fun and festive environment.

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  • Celebrate in Style With These Festive Holiday Decor Ideas

    If you’re planning a holiday party, you should check out the party decorations that are available at your local party supply store. You’ll be inspired by the wide selection of party supplies that are available, and it will make it easier for you to decide on your holiday décor. Here are some festive holiday décor ideas to help get you started on your planning.

    Use Seasonal Plants as Party Decorations

    Rather than just filling your home with holiday ornaments and holiday party lighting, you can simplify your décor by using fresh, seasonal plants as party decorations. You can decorate with potted poinsettias, fresh garlands of evergreen, and bouquets of snowdrops, winterberries, and witch hazel. You can even use blossoms or sprigs as napkin holders, wine stem decorations, and place cards for your holiday table setting.

    Move Beyond Traditional Holiday Colors

    Winter holidays have traditional color schemes that show up in almost all party decorations and holiday table linens. You aren’t bound to this color palette when decorating, however. Try out a few other color schemes to find one that inspires you and makes you happy. You can even choose from a simple winter color palette, which includes colors like taupe, gray, maroon, gold, cream, and pale green.

    Pair Contrasting Textures and Surfaces

    When you’re picking out your party decorations and table linens, you can try to choose contrasting textures and surfaces. Try combining shiny gold flatware with matte black china for a surprising yet gorgeous balance. You can also use contrasting textures with your table linens and centerpieces. Layer party decorations, party lighting, and table linens in varying textures to create a warm, cozy atmosphere.

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  • How to Launch Your Wedding Planning

    As you begin your wedding planning, you’ll need to decide on a color scheme so that you’ll be able to pick out your wedding table linens, party decorations, and other wedding accessories. Once you pick a color scheme, many of the other details of your wedding planning will fall into place!

    Watch this video for more tips for launching your wedding planning. Courtney Arnold, a professional event planner, offers advice on picking a wedding venue, a budget, and a wedding date.

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  • Holiday Party Planning 101

    Whether you are hosting an intimate gathering of friends or throwing a lavish party, you can host a memorable event simply by staying organized. The holiday season can be a busy time, and planning your holiday party should not create added stress. Instead, consider party supply rental and follow these tips to throw a fun holiday event.

    Set a Date and Send Invitations

    Everybody’s social calendars begin to fill up with holiday parties, corporate events, and family gatherings early in the winter season. To accommodate more of your guests, pick a date that works for more people. Consider a party earlier in December instead of later in the month when available dates fill up quickly. Giving your guests at least two weeks’ notice allows enough time to collect RSVPs. If you are mailing invitations, be sure to get them sent out as soon as possible. Alternatively, online invitations save you time and make RSVPs simpler to manage.

    Plan a Food and Drink Menu

    The key to a successful holiday party is delicious food and drinks. Even if you prefer not to cook, party food catering is a great option to provide your guests with something to eat. As you plan your party, plan your menu and stick to it. The menu can be anything from select appetizers and hors d’oeuvres to a full meal. You can also make interactive food stations to provide tasty treats, as well as entertainment. Ideas such as a hot cocoa bar or s’mores station are popular for winter parties. If you plan to offer alcoholic beverages, be sure to provide non-alcoholic beverages as well, and to have enough for each guest to have two to three drinks.

    Have Decorations

    No party is complete without festive decorations. Items such as holiday linens and table dressings can all be rented from a party supply store. Be sure to have essentials on hand, including glassware, plates, and utensils.

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