• Want To Know More About Making Your Next Event Great? Then Take A Look At These Links

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    Regardless of the occasion, planning a social event takes a good deal of thought and organization. For tips all about party planning, from ordering wedding supplies to decorating, explore the following resources when coordinating your next big event. 

    • EventsYouDesign.com has some effective tips that will surely make your party the best ever.

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  • 3 Tips to Stay Organized When Planning Your Party

    Planning a Party

    When planning a party, it is easy to get distracted and overwhelmed by all the little and big tasks you need to complete in order to make your event memorable. As a result, without focus and good organization, you may forget essential supplies, and your party may not run as smoothly as you had hoped. Luckily, the following party tips will help you stay on track when throwing your big bash.

    • Write Down Goals

    The first planning step is creating a party journal, or simply grabbing a notebook page and writing down what you want your party to be. Does it have a theme? Will you plan activities? Are you going to provide a meal or just snacks? Will you need to rent a party tent, chairs, or tables? Figure out the big picture, and then assign dates by which you hope to accomplish these general goals.

    • Make Detailed Checklists

    Now you can break down your big plan into detailed party checklists you will use to ensure that you don’t forget anything and complete all necessary tasks in time. Title each list according to a general category, such as “Food,” “Activities” and “Party Supplies,” and figure out exactly what you need to purchase, rent, and do in order to make each component of your party a success.

    • Gather Supplies Early

    Last-minute shopping is stressful and will usually end up costing you more money. While you should send out your invites six weeks before your party, you should call your rental company as soon as you determine what you will need for party supplies in order to reserve them. Gather your food and goods a week before your party so that you have extra time to double-check what you have, leaving you plenty of time to clean and get your home ready.

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  • Download This iPad App for a Great Event Planning Tool


    You will have several tasks to keep straight when planning your big event, and tackling your seating arrangement can feel a bit overwhelming. But instead of stressing out, check out the helpful myBanquet app.

    myBanquet for iPad makes organizing your guest lists and coordinating seating charts a breeze. You can easily upload your lists, recreate your venue space, and manipulate tables with a touch of the screen. Conveniently, you can also share this information with others via email, so even those who don’t own an iPad can be kept on the same page.

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