• 4 Fun Ideas to Include in Your Outdoor Wedding

    Now that warmer temperatures have arrived, many brides and grooms are setting their sights on outdoor weddings. An outdoor wedding offers a bride and groom the opportunity to get creative with party supplies, rentals, and décor. Explore some fun ideas to include in your upcoming outdoor wedding :

    White flowers wedding decorations

    Practical and Beautiful Tents
    Create a romantic and comfortable atmosphere by renting a tent for your outdoor reception. When planning an outdoor wedding, a couple needs to take into account factors such as unpredictable summer showers. Tents not only look beautiful for your festivities, but also help protect guests from the elements.

    Unique Outdoor Lighting Fixtures
    When it comes to illuminating your ceremony and reception, get creative with your lighting fixtures. One big trend in outdoor weddings is the use of unconventional lighting, such as luminaries, Mason jars, and rustic glass bottles that contain tapered candles.

    Gorgeous Color Infusions
    As you  plan your outdoor wedding , select party supplies, table linens, and décor that reflect the season in which you’re tying the knot. Some fabulous summer color combinations to consider include blue and white, green and pink, and red and pink. Infuse color into your venue using flowers, lighting fixtures, and linens for your chair rentals.

    Rustic Invitations
    To prepare your guests for an entertaining event in the great outdoors, be sure that your invitations set the tone. Theme your save-the-date cards and invitations based on the tone of the wedding and where it will be held.

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  • 3 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Party More Environmentally Friendly

    Decorative christmas lights for a back yard party

    If you’re like most of the environmentally conscious citizens here in Austin, sustainability is of the utmost importance when renting party supplies for a fabulous summer fest. Did you know that National Geographic recently named Austin as one of the 10 most eco-friendly cities in the United States? Here are some ways that you can make your outdoor party more environmentally friendly:

    Keep Bugs under Control Without Pesticides

    One big concern party planners have when putting together outdoor gigs in Austin is keeping the bugs away. Instead of polluting the air with toxic bug sprays, turn to natural alternatives such as citronella candles. Be careful where you place the candles so that both children and table linen rentals stay safe.

    Create an Efficient Recycling System

    Whether you’re throwing a birthday party or a 50th wedding anniversary, you’re likely to accumulate quite a bit of waste throughout the event. Instruct guests to sort any wrapping paper and leftover food scraps into recycling bins and compost bags, respectively. If you’re concerned about executing the latter gracefully, simply ask your catering company to compost or save any leftover food.

    Buy Local Flowers

    In addition to renting party supplies that can be reused, you can enhance your décor in a green manner by buying flowers that are grown locally. Many florists ship their blooms in from locations around the world. Instead of increasing your carbon footprint while planning your big day, check out a local nursery and pick out fresh buds that add color and spirit to your venue.

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  • Tips for Protecting Your Cake During an Outdoor Wedding

    Wedding cake and couple

    From extreme temperatures to hungry bugs, there are plenty of threats to your wedding cake if it is not properly protected during your outdoor reception. Fortunately, there are also plenty of great ways to keep a cake safe and edible despite the elements.

    If your biggest concern is bugs, invest in a round-top net that can be strategically raised over your cake. You can address your temperature concerns by keeping the cake inside your temperature-controlled tent. Regardless of what the thermometer reads on your wedding day, err on the side of caution by keeping any vulnerable food items under the protection of a tent rental.

    The friendly team here at American Party Rental can assist you in your efforts to throw a successful and enjoyable reception . We offer party supplies and services to help you host the event of your dreams. To get started on the planning process, visit us in Austin or call (888) 717-7301.