• Décor Tips for Fall Entertaining

    Whether you are entertaining for a wedding or a birthday party, there are plenty of fall colors you can use in your decorating. With the right table linens and party supplies, you can bring the feel of fall wherever your party is located.

    As you can see in David Tutera’s video, fall decorating can be done with simple fall colors and common accents, such as pumpkins and cranberries. No matter what event you are throwing, your table linen rentals should include ivory, orange, yellow, or red. For centerpieces, you can utilize decorative pumpkins, plant sprigs, and cranberries, along with scented candles.

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  • Making Creative Wedding Place Cards

    Wedding place cards are used to designate guest seating during the reception dinner. In this video, you will watch step-by-step instructions on how to create your own creative wedding place cards. By carefully cutting, folding, and gluing special paper, you can make wedding place cards that have a unique flair. A company offering wedding rentals can provide you with other essential supplies for your reception.

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  • Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Chocolate Fountain

    If you are planning a birthday party or other get together, you may want to surprise your guests with a chocolate fountain. With services from a company that offers party rentals , you will be able to set up a beautiful and delicious chocolate fountain that is sure to delight everyone at the party. As you are preparing for a chocolate fountain, you will want to make sure that you set up the unit properly and provide plenty of items for dipping. Here are some tips for getting the most out of a chocolate fountain.

    Select Quality Chocolate

    As you are getting ready for your chocolate fountain rental, you will need to select what type of chocolate you will use in your unit. While some guests may be delighted by dark chocolate, others may prefer the mild taste of milk chocolate. Ultimately, you will want to choose a quality chocolate that pairs well with your dipping items.

    Find a Key Location

    Since a chocolate fountain is bound to be a popular feature at your party, you will want to set up your fountain in a key location. To allow several guests to enjoy the fountain at a single time, you may want to provide a special chocolate dipping table. Your guests can gather around the table and dip to their heart’s content.

    Choose an Assortment of Dipping Items

    Chocolate pairs perfectly with a wide assortment of dessert items. From fruits to cake and even pretzels, there are many different types of items that you can display around your fountain for dipping. Each dipping item should be bite sized, and guests will need to be supplied with toothpicks or skewers for dipping.

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  • Burlap: An Essential Element for a Rustic Wedding

    If you are planning a wedding near the Austin area, you may want to draw on rustic inspirations for your wedding décor and theme. Many of today’s brides are ditching formal wedding decorations in favor of design schemes that rely on natural materials. To achieve that country-chic look for your wedding, you may want to seek out burlap wedding rentals. Burlap can be used to adorn floral arrangements, table settings, or even bridesmaid gowns. You can also use burlap to make cute and rustic signs and place settings for your wedding ceremony and reception.

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