• Essential Equipment for Any Catered Event

    If you’re planning a special event that includes a catered meal or hors-d’oeuvres, you might need to get some necessities from a party supply company. Your party food catering company will supply certain items, but you may be responsible for table linens and other party supplies. Here is a look at some essential equipment that is needed for any catered event.

    Table Linens

    If your party food catering company doesn’t supply table linens for your event, you can get them from a party supply company. Table linens will dress up your rental tables and make them look more sophisticated and elegant. When choosing table linens, consider the material, color, and design. You will also want to be sure that the table linens that you choose are high-quality and attractive, yet fall within your party supply budget.

    Party Tents and Seating

    When you plan on serving a catered meal to your guests, you want to be sure that everyone has a comfortable place to sit down, eat, and have a conversation with other party guests. Your party supply rental store can provide you with the appropriate tables and chairs for your event. If you’re holding your event outdoors, you should also consider renting a party tent. A party tent will keep your guests comfortable and protected from the weather while they enjoy their appetizers, meal, and beverages.

    Tabletop Party Decorations

    You should also dress up your rental tables with festive tabletop party decorations. You can place a centerpiece on each table, and you can use simple party lighting to complement the party decorations. When choosing party lighting, be sure to find some that creates the right ambience for the type of event that you are hosting.

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  • Manage Your Next Event with This Helpful Guest List App

    It can be easy to become overwhelmed when planning a wedding, large party, or other event. Luckily, the experts at your local party supply store can help you arrange the necessary party supplies, from party tents to party decorations and party lighting. You can also use a party-planning app on your tablet or smartphone to organize your guest list.

    The Guest List app by Click On GmbH allows you to create and manage events through a simple, user-friendly interface. You can manage your guest list easily by importing it to Google Sheets or Excel.

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  • How Linens Can Add a Touch of Class to Your Next Event

    If you’re hosting a formal event, table linens can dress up your rental tables and improve your party’s ambiance. Your local party supply store has table linens that you can rent for a small fee so that you won’t have to invest much of your party budget on purchasing new linens. Using table linens will compliment your other party decorations and ensure your guests’ comfort.

    When choosing table linens, pay attention to their material, color, style, and design. If your event has a color scheme, you can use your table linens to create a cohesive aesthetic throughout your event. Choose a material and design that will protect your rental tables and minimize the appearance of spills. The material that you choose for your napkins should be tactilely pleasant and comfortable to use.

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  • Avoid These Color Mistakes When Choosing Wedding Linens

    Before you visit your local wedding supply rental store to pick out your wedding table linens , you’ll need to know what your wedding color scheme is. Your wedding color palette should include two to four complementary colors that appeal to you and create a cohesive aesthetic. Here are some mistakes to avoid when choosing the color scheme for your table linens and wedding accessories.

    Choosing Too Many Colors

    Your color scheme should be simple and classic. The more colors that you include, the less cohesive your wedding aesthetic will be. Choose four colors at most for your wedding palette, and make sure that your table linens, party decorations, and wedding accessories fall within this color palette. If you do want more variety in your color scheme, you can use slightly darker or lighter shades of one or two of the colors in your palette.

    Only Picking from Seasonal Colors

    You’re not limited to a seasonal color palette when choosing your wedding color scheme. You can certainly stick to seasonal colors, or you can brighten up a winter wedding with a summer color scheme. The most important criteria that you should use when choosing your color palette is what wedding supply rental colors appeal to you and your partner, and how easy it will be for you to find table linens and wedding accessories in that color palette.

    Ignoring Your Wedding Venue’s Color Scheme

    Before choosing your wedding colors, take a look at the décor at your wedding venue or wedding reception venue. If the venue has a striking color palette already, you may need to choose wedding colors that complement the existing color scheme. The venue’s décor will provide a good jumping off point for you.

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