• Creative Food Displays for the Outdoors

    Whether you are planning a company party or hosting a wedding reception in your backyard, serving food at your event is an important part of any successful party. As you will learn in this video, creative food display is easy to accomplish with just a few easy guidelines.

    First, rent a long display table. To display desserts and finger foods, purchase or rent cake display pedestals. You can opt for different heights to create depth throughout your buffet. Next, talk to your party rental company about how to incorporate décor such as vases, candles, and chargers.

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  • Folding the Perfect Rose Chair Sash

    A rose chair sash can be an easy way to decorate your chairs in an elegant fashion. In this video you will learn to tie the perfect rose chair sash.The finish product will be a beautiful accent for any occasion. To learn more about the product provided by American Party Rental give us a call at (888) 717-7301.

  • Selecting the Perfect Venue for Your Special Outdoor Events

    During the warm spring and summer months, outdoor parties in Austin take center stage. Many people opt to take advantage of the mild weather and dry Texas heat by renting a tent for an outside celebration. While a party rental company can secure the supplies and equipment you need, it’s up to you to pick the perfect party venue. Here is how you can pick a destination for your upcoming outdoor event.

    Wedding table

    Consider the Crowd
    For an outdoor event to remember, it’s important to pick a space that is the perfect size for your number of guests. An expansive outdoor venue is perfect for a large wedding party but it can quickly become overwhelming for a small gathering or company event. Of course, a space that is too small for your event can leave guests feeling cramped and uncomfortable.

    Follow Your Heart
    Many event planners advise their clients to host a party in a place that holds special meaning. If you want to get married in the butterfly garden at your local zoo or in a public park,  it never hurts to ask  if you can host your wedding there. Many public and private venues are available for rental, and you might be surprised at how many like-minded event planners there are!

    Personalize Your Space
    Whether you pick an open field or a friend’s backyard, be sure to make the space your own by adding personal touches. Speak to your party rental company about how to personalize your table, chairs, linens, and décor to create a truly customized party.

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  • Getting Creative with Your Napkin Folds

    Whether you are planning a wedding, organizing a company event, or brainstorming birthday ideas, you already know that parties are a lot of work and a lot of fun. Creating the perfect event involves even more than renting a tent, tables, and chairs. To make sure your party is a success, it’s important to pay attention to even the smallest details —right down to your linens. Check out this fun guide to how you can get creative with your napkin folds this party season.

    Christmas plate cover

    Lotus Fold
    For an event to remember, set the stage with a beautiful table complete with intricately folded napkins. The lotus napkin fold is also known as the water lily or the artichoke, and the floral design is similar to a paper fortune teller. Starting with clean, pressed linens, carefully fold in the corners to leave a center spot perfect for a place card. For the best results, be sure to starch your linens ahead of time.

    Modern Fold
    For a casual event or a company party, think simplicity with a modern napkin fold. One striking contemporary option is to simply roll in both sides of your linen until they meet in the center. You should have two aligned columns framed by triangles. For a basic silverware fold, tuck your flatware into rectangular napkin pockets.

    Rose Fold
    Often used for rolls, this elegant and traditional fold for linens is  ideal for presenting a single piece of bread.  To create a rose fold, starch and press your linens in advance so they rest evenly on the table and hold a crease. Next, fold in the inside of the napkin to create petals. Finish by folding in the linen’s outside corners for a multi-layered, floral shape.

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  • How To Use a Chafer

    Check out this great video to learn how to use a chafer. Before you get started you will need to make sure that you have all of the necessary tools. These include one and a half to two cups of warm water, a flathead screwdriver, and a lighter or matches. Watch this great video to learn more.

  • Safe Party Planning with Outdoor Tents

    Planning a party requires a great deal of time and energy, and it’s important to get your supplies from a reputable and experienced team. If you are planning an outdoor event, you are most likely planning to rent tables and chairs, linens, and any necessary equipment in addition to a tent. Outdoor tents provide essential shade from the summer sun and also offer shelter in the event of bad weather. For all your set-up and take-down services, be sure to contact an experienced tent and supply rental company to ensure that you and your guests are safe as you celebrate.

    Wedding Reception

    When you’re planning a party, you can depend on Austin’s American Party Rental. We can provide you with all of the party supplies you need.  To learn more , call us today at (888) 717-7301 or visit us on the Web.