• Impress Guests with an Amazing Cocktail Party

    For a fun event to suit almost any occasion, you can’t go wrong with a cocktail party. Whether you’re hosting a corporate event for your workplace or planning your wedding reception with friends and family, a cocktail party will encourage your guests to mingle and have fun. By renting different glassware and linens , you can organize your cocktail party around almost any theme. Listed below are a few classic ideas.

    Hollywood Golden Age Glamour Party Supplies Austin

    For an elegant late afternoon or evening cocktail party , decorate in the style of the 1930s—the Golden Age of Hollywood. Rent table linens and napkins in gold, silver, white, and black, with perhaps one single accent color. Serve elegant, classic cocktails such as the Sidecar, the Manhattan, or the Old Fashioned. You could also easily move your theme back into the 1920s or up into the 1940s by choosing different colors and music. This theme is perfect for a wedding or a more serious corporate event.

    Tropical Luau Fun

    Austin has a wonderfully warm climate, so you can have an outdoor cocktail party almost any time of year. A fun, festive tropical Luau motif is great for a family reunion, a casual weekend barbecue, or any other daytime party. Choose table linens and decorations in a wide variety of bright, flowery Polynesian tones. To quench the guests’ thirst, you can serve island-inspired creations such as Daiquiris, Mai Tais, or Hurricanes in the appropriate glassware.

    Belle Époque Parisian Elegance

    For a charming bachelorette party or bridal shower, look to Belle Époque France. Rent blue checkered linens and more ornate white or gold chairs to transform your backyard into a Parisian sidewalk bistro or a French country chateau. Make a pyramid of classic champagne coupes or serve fizzy French 75s in tall flutes.

    No matter what theme you choose for your next cocktail party, you can rent the perfect tables, chairs, linens, and glassware from American Party Rental of Austin. To find out what supplies we have available, call us today at (512) 236-5773.

  • Tips for Renting Your Party Tent

    If you are planning any type of outdoor event, such as a wedding or family reunion, contact a company that rents party tents in Austin . In Austin, both sun and rain can be equal concerns at the same time of year, and you want to make sure that no matter what the weather is like, your guests can enjoy your outdoor event. The tips below will help you rent the right tent for your event.

    Tent Size wedding tent rental austin

    The nature of your event will determine the size of tent you need . For a wedding ceremony and reception, you will need a tent that is large enough to cover a seating area for all of your guests, since all of them will be sitting down for most of the event. You may also want to allow room for a dance floor. For family reunions, outdoor fairs, and other types of events, you don’t need to provide cover and seating for every single guest at once, so you can make do with a smaller tent or even several smaller party tents.

    Event Time

    The time of day will affect the type of tent you need. For events in the middle of the day, the primary purpose of the tent is to protect guests against sun and rain. You probably do not need tent walls or a liner for daytime events in Austin, unless you are hosting one in the middle of December or January. For evening events, you should arrange for a tent with walls and a liner, since evenings can bring chilly breezes.

    Tent Set-Up

    You can set up smaller tents without walls or linings yourself, which makes it easy to rent a tent or two if you just want canopies to provide sun shelter for your event. If you want a larger tent, complete with walls to protect against the wind, you will need your party supply company to set it up for you.

    American Party Rental provides a full range of party supplies, including tents, party lighting, tables, chairs, catering equipment, and more. Call us today (512) 837-6500 to inquire about our products, rental rates, and tent set-up services .

  • How to Choose a Birthday Cake

    A birthday cake is often on the list of party supplies; what is the best way to choose it, though? With the many advances in food technology, flavors, and decorations, there are near-limitless possibilities to a great birthday cake. Here are a few factors you can take under consideration when choosing a birthday cake.

    • The person to have the most say in a birthday cake should be the birthday boy or girl. This man, woman, or child is choosing to celebrate their birthday with a cake, so it is safe to say they will want a piece, or several, of the cake. The look and taste of the cake should ultimately come down to the special birthday boy or girl.
    • If you know of several allergies or taste preferences, you might consider making a cake around these limitations, especially for the safety of others.
    • If the party has a particular theme and birthday decoration—under the sea, butterflies, etc.—decorate the cake to match the theme.

    Choosing a birthday cake shouldn’t be difficult, and neither should party supplies or birthday accessories near Austin, TX. Call American Party Rental at (512) 236-5773 for all of your party rentals .

  • 5 Ways to Have an Instagram-Worthy Wedding [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Before the official wedding portraits roll in, every bride, groom, guest, and old flame gets a front-row seat for the festivities on Instagram. However, if you want your wedding to win on Instagram, you’ve got to pay attention to the little features that will make your photos pop. For instance, choose a venue that would make anyone swoon, whether you’re married beside the ocean or inside a carefully decorated ballroom. Next, choose the right party supplies for photo ops. Colorful table linens, the right China rental, and unexpected party equipment, like a popcorn maker, will all make your wedding pictures a can’t-miss social media event. Find out more about planning an Instagram-worthy wedding in this infographic from American Party Rental . With our party rentals in Austin, TX, you’ll have everything you need to make your day a success. Help other brides plan their perfect weddings by sharing this information.

  • Essential Party Supplies for Your Next Birthday Bash

    There are certain items commonly found at most birthdays—cake, presents, and guests. There should be another list of party supplies , though, that keep everyone entertained and enjoying the birthday party. Here are a few party supplies you should consider renting for your next party.

    Set a Stage

    Whether you are throwing an adult or child’s birthday party, you won’t go wrong with adding a stage to your list of party rentals. You can set up a stage for dancing, or as a specific location to highlight the birthday person. You may even want a staging area if the party is set up over uneven ground.

    Carnival Games

    No matter the age, almost everyone loves carnival games and bouncy houses. You can rent skee ball, dunk tanks, and many more fun games you never thought you’d see outside of the carnival. Consider adding classic carnival food machines to the list of rentals, as well. Delight your friends with homemade funnel cake, cotton candy, and snow cones, just to name a few. Everyone will be leaving your party with a smile on their lips and delicious food in their bellies.

    Buffet Line

    When you have caterers coming, have a specific table and catering supplies set up. Not everyone hosts catered parties throughout the year, so why not rent your supplies as you need them? You can easily rent catering and buffet supplies, so you have less clutter in the house.

    Tables and Chairs

    Everyone has to sit sometime, so put table and chair rentals on your supply list. Even if you are hosting a small birthday party, you won’t go wrong with extra chairs. Chair rentals are typically light, foldable, and easy to move, unlike heavy dining chairs or couches. Instead of stressing over where everyone will sit, give them a comfortable rental chair instead.

    American Party Rental has several party supplies serving Austin, TX, and we want to help you have the best birthday party possible ! Call us at (512) 236-5773 for a full list of our many birthday decorations.