Tips for Renting Your Party Tent

If you are planning any type of outdoor event, such as a wedding or family reunion, contact a company that rents party tents in Austin . In Austin, both sun and rain can be equal concerns at the same time of year, and you want to make sure that no matter what the weather is like, your guests can enjoy your outdoor event. The tips below will help you rent the right tent for your event.

Tent Size wedding tent rental austin

The nature of your event will determine the size of tent you need . For a wedding ceremony and reception, you will need a tent that is large enough to cover a seating area for all of your guests, since all of them will be sitting down for most of the event. You may also want to allow room for a dance floor. For family reunions, outdoor fairs, and other types of events, you don’t need to provide cover and seating for every single guest at once, so you can make do with a smaller tent or even several smaller party tents.

Event Time

The time of day will affect the type of tent you need. For events in the middle of the day, the primary purpose of the tent is to protect guests against sun and rain. You probably do not need tent walls or a liner for daytime events in Austin, unless you are hosting one in the middle of December or January. For evening events, you should arrange for a tent with walls and a liner, since evenings can bring chilly breezes.

Tent Set-Up

You can set up smaller tents without walls or linings yourself, which makes it easy to rent a tent or two if you just want canopies to provide sun shelter for your event. If you want a larger tent, complete with walls to protect against the wind, you will need your party supply company to set it up for you.

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