• Selecting the Right AV Equipment for Your Next Corporate Event

    A party supply company does even more than provide catering and party tents. If you have a corporate event or work function, contact party supply specialists for the audio visual equipment you need to make your event go off without a hitch.

    A party supply specialist offers many different kinds of audiovisual, or AV, equipment for rent. Whether you are planning a small company party or a large meeting, you can pick up AV equipment at the same time you rent party tents and party accessories. AV equipment includes speakers, microphones, party lighting, audio and video recording devices, and microphones. For a larger gathering that wants to make use of multimedia displays, you can rent LCD projectors and screens. AV equipment rentals can create unique and memorable experiences for any size of audience. Work with a party supply company to create a one-of-a-kind corporate event that your guests will never forget. AV equipment rentals are ideal for fundraisers, product launches, sales meetings, and corporate galas.

    For a great selection of audio visual equipment , contact American Party Rental. We have speakers, slide projectors, projection screens, equipment carts, and more. Call us at (512) 236-5773 to learn about our party supplies in Austin.

  • Plan Your Wedding with This App from The Knot

    If you are getting married, one of your first tasks is to find the ideal wedding supply rental location. Wedding rental stores can help with tents, tables, chairs, linens, dishware, and every decorative accessory imaginable.

    With The Knot Wedding Planner app, you can find the perfect wedding supply rental for any style or size of wedding. As you consider your options for party tents, party food catering, and décor, it is important to visit a wedding supply store to peruse your options in person. Many wedding supply locations also offer party lighting and unique accessories like candelabras.

    American Party Rental is proud to be your destination for all your wedding and party supplies in Austin. Get started on planning your indoor or outdoor wedding by calling us at (512) 236-5773 today.

  • Choosing the Right Color Scheme with Special Event Linens

    Planning a wedding, birthday party, anniversary, or other celebration is an exciting time. When you select party supplies , you deserve to work with a party supply company that is attentive to your particular needs and vision. From party tents to linens, it is important to select a color scheme that fits both with your personality and with the event setting. Keep reading to learn how you can use linens to emphasize style, convey energy, and create warmth at your special event.

    Emphasize Style

    Just like with other party supplies, it is important to select linens that showcase your personal style. A table linen comes in almost every color of the rainbow and in materials incorporating linen, brushed cotton, silks, satins, and stain-free synthetics. When you pick your wedding accessories, consider opting for your favorite color or a color that complements your space. For example, if you have outdoor party tents for a spring wedding, opt for soft blush linens with gold flatware.

    Convey Energy

    Linens should convey the energy of an event. As party planners know, colors can affect people’s moods and create an aura around an event. That is why interior designers pick calming colors like blues or pastels for bedrooms and libraries. When you select your linen party rentals, pick colors that reflect the mood of your party. Black can convey sophistication and elegance at a wedding but may be too somber for an anniversary celebration.

    Create Warmth

    When you want party accessories that create a colorful and warm atmosphere, opt for orange, yellow, or red. Red translates into energy, passion, excitement and intensity. Guests will feel compelled to move throughout a venue, chat, and dance. With orange, your event will feel vibrant, playful, and exciting. Yellow is a calmer color and will make your party feel immediately cheerful and warm.

    Get started picking your perfect linens and party supplies by calling American Party Rental at (512) 236-5773. You can peruse our product catalog online or contact us for a quote over the phone. When you want an event that goes off without a hitch, rent our party tents, party lighting, and table linens near Austin .

  • Tips for Planning Your Outdoor Wedding

    If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, it’s crucial that you rent party tents from a wedding supply rental company or party supply company. Party tents will ensure that you and your guests remain comfortable and happy, regardless of the weather. Here are some other important tips for planning your outdoor wedding.

    Choose the Right Party Tent

    When you visit a wedding supply rental store, you might end up feeling overwhelmed by the variety of party tents that they have for rent. When choosing a party tent for your outdoor wedding, you must consider the size of your guest list, the terrain on which the tent will be placed, the floor plan for your event, and your budget. The most common type of party tent that is used for weddings and other formal events is the pole tent, which is roomy inside and has very tall ceilings.

    Use Wedding Supply Rentals to Create a Comfortable Environment

    Once you have secured the perfect party tent, you need to think about the other party supplies that you’ll need. Get party rentals that will keep your guests comfortable in whatever weather is expected for your wedding day. You might consider fans, portable AC units, heaters, lounge furniture, pillows, and blankets. You might also need other necessities like sunscreen or bug spray.

    Set Up Decorative Party Lighting

    If your wedding will be held after dark, decorative party lighting both inside and outside of the party tent is a must. Many party supply companies have a huge selection of beautiful party lighting in various styles, colors, and designs. You can use LED candles, paper lanterns, chandeliers, and twinkling strands of lights. Your party lighting will set the mood, so be sure to choose your lights wisely.

    If you’re in need of wedding accessories for your outdoor wedding, come see us at American Party Rental. We offer high quality, affordable wedding supply rentals in Austin that will meet your wedding needs and budget. To learn more about our party supply selection and rental rates, call us today at (512) 236-5773.