• Selecting Linen Colors for Holiday Parties

    You might be thinking more about your centerpieces and various decorations, but don’t forget about your table linens for your parties this holiday season. Your table linens are just as important as your various decorations because they set the overall color and decor scheme that your holiday party will follow. Here are some choices to consider this holiday season:

    • Green and red are common holiday colors found in different decorations and table linen rentals. Red or green tartan designs are very popular, because they bring a cozy sense of winter to various holiday parties.
    • Blue and silver are also very common colors found around the holidays. Both blue and silver bring cool and calm feelings because they remind people of water, snow, and snowflakes.
    • You may also wish to use a simple white or ivory table linen with colored runners. Using accent colors this way can tie in with your overall design theme without overwhelming it.

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  • Ways to Keep Your Guests Warm During an Outdoor Event

    Winter is near, so that means you must be prepared for your future outdoor events. Various party rentals— such as heaters and tents —can provide greater warmth for your guests and keep them comfortable throughout the duration of your winter event. Continue reading for more ways to keep your guests comfortable at your next outdoor event.

    Set Up Tents

    Tent rentals are going to be one of the key features for your outdoor event. Tents will keep your guests shaded from sun, wind, and rain. They will also provide a bubble of warmth that your guests can gather under. As part of your party equipment, you can also rent various tent additions to keep in more warmth for your guests. Tent walls and doors can help contain the bubble of warmth, so your guests will feel comfortable for the duration of your outdoor event.

    Provide Heaters

    In addition to tents, or in place of them, add heaters to your list of party rentals. Heaters can be simple propane towers that are commonly found on restaurant patios. You might also consider renting more attractive heaters, such as a “Dancing Flame” propane heater. This party rental will provide a great amount of warmth and give your guests an attractive illusion of sitting by a cozy fire.

    Serve Warm Refreshments

    Serve warm drinks and comfort food at your outdoor event this winter. Warm drinks, like hot chocolate and coffee, are quick ways to warm your guests up, no matter how cold it is outside. You can also serve soups and stews in your china rentals. These are yummy alternatives to other dinner dishes, and they provide a great amount of warmth during winter events.

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  • Your Guide to Choosing Wedding Lighting

    You have plenty of details running through your head regarding your upcoming wedding, including your wedding rentals and lighting choices . Your wedding lighting will help complete your wedding look, so it is important to choose wisely. Continue reading for your guide to choosing the right wedding lighting.

    Consider Your Venue Capabilities

    Before getting your heart set on a specific look for your wedding lighting, consider the available amenities and capabilities at your wedding venue. Even if you can find all of your lighted party rentals, the venue may not have the necessary number of outlets to use them all. Your venue may also have their own rules about certain types of lighting on their property. Speak with your wedding planner and the venue about how your desired look can be accommodated.

    Determine Your Desired Look

    Once you know what your wedding venue can handle, then you can better determine the look of your wedding lights. This will also help when you look for table linens and other party equipment. Think about what you want your wedding to look like. If you love the soft and flickering look of candlelight, then consider renting candelabras or LED votive candles for your centerpieces. These are safe and effective ways to create this classic wedding look.

    Visit Your Venue at Your Wedding Time

    Another helpful way to choose your wedding lighting is to visit your venue during the time your future wedding will take place. Even if the location is inside, any windows and natural lighting may affect the way the space looks at certain times of the day. If the wedding and reception is located outside, then you must consider the sunset and weather possibilities during your wedding time. These factors and more may affect what type of wedding lighting you choose.

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  • How to Select Tables and Seating for Your Next Event

    Selecting your tables, chairs, and other event rentals can be a simple task with a few helpful hints. Knowing the function and theme of your event will help tremendously when you need to rent your tables and chairs. Here is a brief guide to selecting your tables and chairs for your next event:

    Determine the Function of Your Event

    If your next event is a formal sit-down, then you will need appropriate tables and chairs to keep your guests comfortable. If you are hosting a silent auction or event where your guests will stand up often, then you may want to rent basic tables and chairs for your guests to sit in when they like. You may also prefer bar seating or bistro tables to maintain a fun and original atmosphere during your event.

    Determine the Style of Your Event

    Once you know how your guests will be using most of their time during the event, you should determine the style or design of your event. You may use the event’s theme to help dictate the types of tables and chair rentals you use. This theme or style can also help you find the right designs and colors of your table linens. For example, if your event is very casual, then you may want to rent a variety of different tables to keep your event from feeling too stuffy. If your event has a formal, “Hollywood Glam” theme, then look for luxurious table linen rentals and the same style of tables and chairs.

    Determine The Number of Guests at Your Event

    In addition to the theme and function of your event, your table and chair rentals may also depend on the number of guests attending your event. A small event could use a couple of large tables or smaller tables. An average-sized or large event may require several tables and chairs of the same size and style.

    When you need table and chair rentals in Austin, TX , you know to call American Party Rental at (512) 236-5773. Our showroom is open Monday thru Saturday for your convenience.

  • How to Layer Linens for Your Next Party

    You can easily make your next party stand out with beautiful and colorful table linens gracing your table and chair rentals. Instead of choosing one simple color, use the fashion-forward layering tip to create a fun design or color scheme at your next party.

    Weddings tend to be a formal affair, but you can bring your wedding colors through with your table linens. Consider using a white, ivory, or black base to cover the entire table; then add a smaller layer of a colored linen or table runner. If you are hosting a baby shower or birthday party, then your table linens can be more inventive and colorful. Use a bright base color for your larger table linens and layer a smaller, colorfully-designed linen to go over the top.

    No matter what table linens you need near Austin, TX, American Party Rental can accommodate. With our vast supply of table linen rentals and other party accessories, your next party will look more beautiful than you could imagine. Please visit us online or call us at (512) 236-5773 to schedule an appointment with one of our rental specialists.