• The Advantages of Working with a Wedding Rental Company

    Many couples who get married in Austin take advantage of the warm climate by hosting their celebrations outdoors. No matter what time of year you get married, you should rent party tents to protect your guests from sun and rain if you have an outdoor wedding.

    When planning a wedding yourself, you will need to rent all of the party supplies for the ceremony and reception, including tables, chairs, linens, and any wedding accessories you want. Watch this video to learn how a rental company can help you.

    American Party Rental is a full-service wedding rental company in Austin. Call us at (512) 837-6500 to learn how we can provide all of the supplies you might need for a fantastic wedding.

  • Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Linens

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    Table linens are among the most visible wedding accessories, so you should choose them with care. You do not need to purchase linens, even if you are doing a lot of your wedding planning, set-up, and take-down yourself. A wedding supply rental company will have a wide range of linens for you to choose from in many colors, patterns, and materials.

    The color of your wedding linens should fit into the color scheme of your wedding. If you go with a pastel palette, you should choose pastel linens; if your motif is jewel toned, you should use jewel-toned linens. Be sure to also consider the season when you’re selecting wedding linens. Earth tones might be best for fall and winter weddings, while bright colors and pastels are often better for summer and spring. You might also consider setting each table at your reception with a different color so your guests can find their seats easily.

    You can rent linens, as well as any other party supplies you will need for your wedding, from American Party Rental. Call us today at (512) 837-6500 to rent party supplies in Austin .

  • Décor Ideas for Your Wedding Tent

    Wedding tents can add style and function to your wedding reception. If you are choosing to add a wedding tent to your décor, use the following tips to decorate it and give it a personal touch.

    Use a combination of lighting, table linens, and table settings to create the foundation for your wedding tent design. You can add some more flair with candles, flowers, and other wedding accessories that allow you to incorporate your wedding colors into the décor. Spend some time choosing unique design elements that will help you transform the tent into the perfect addition to your wedding.

    At American Party Rental , we provide you with the event rentals you need for any occasion. Whether you are getting married or you just want to throw a big party for your family and friends, we have the items you will need to put together an amazing celebration. To learn more about our wedding supply rentals, browse our catalog online or call (512) 837-6500.

  • The Basics of Planning a Wedding Reception

    Wedding reception Austin Your wedding reception is an opportunity for you and your spouse to celebrate your new union with your closest friends and family. When planning a wedding reception , you have to consider many details that will help you build your dream celebration. Keep reading to learn about the basics of planning your wedding reception.

    Decide on Your Style

    Before you can start getting party tent, table, chair, and table linen rentals, you have to first decide what kind of style you want for your wedding reception. Think about the colors and decorative features that you want to include in the reception venue. Whether you want a formal or an informal celebration, it is important to decide on your style before you make any decisions—this will ensure that you are able to choose cohesive elements that will work well together to build a stylish and welcoming reception.

    Work with an Event Rental Company

    It is very important to find an event rental company that you can trust. A company that has a wide range of products and a dependable staff can help you put together your ideal celebration. Spend some time going through the rental catalog before you agree to work with a company to make sure they have all of the wedding accessories and other rental options you need to plan a memorable wedding reception for your special day.

    Bring All of the Details Together

    Once you have the wedding supply rentals that you need, you can begin to figure out how to bring them together to create your ideal reception venue. Consider drawing up a blueprint of the venue and how it will look with all of the details or, if possible, actually decorating the venue in advance to ensure that it will look perfect on your wedding day.

    American Party Rental has everything you need to organize your dream wedding reception. We make it easy to order rentals for a wedding of any size. To learn more about our products or to start ordering your wedding rentals, visit us online or call (512) 837-6500.

  • Decorating Banquet Tables

    With the right party supply rentals, you can make even the simplest folding table look glamorous for your banquet. Start with a satin linen rental in a noticeable color like gunmetal. Place simple, solid colored napkins beneath the charger plates to bring the color down lower. Use candelabras and shorter floral arrangements to create multiple levels of interest. You can learn more about banquet table décor in this video clip.

    Turn to American Party Rental to get the party decorations you need to optimize any event. From banquet tables to wedding accessories, we have everything you need to make your next event truly special. To learn more, visit us online or call (512) 837-6500.