• Everything an Authentic Oktoberfest Party Needs

    Oktoberfest originated in 1810 with the celebration of a royal marriage to which all citizens of Munich were invited. But modern Oktoberfest parties are more of a celebration of Bavarian culture, and of course, Bavaria’s beer. There are some who would argue that the only true way to celebrate Oktoberfest is to travel to Munich, Germany. But in fact, you can find everything you need for an authentic Oktoberfest party right here in the States. Officially, Oktoberfest 2018 begins on September 22 and ends on October 7, so start making plans and picking up party supplies right away!

    Catering and Cooking Equipment

    It’s traditional to serve food as well as beer during Oktoberfest. You may need to rent any of the following catering and cooking equipment:

    • Grills
    • Heat lamps
    • Food pans
    • Beverage tubs
    • Serving trays
    • Trash cans

    Tents, Tables, and Seating

    Protect your guests from the elements by having the party rental professionals set up a tent. If you expect to have a large number of guests, choose a very large tent instead of a couple of smaller ones. This lends itself to the communal, celebratory atmosphere of an authentic Oktoberfest. Similarly, rent long, rectangular tables, and set them up end-to-end to encourage guests to mingle. Rent benches instead of chairs. Decorate with table linens in shades of blue and white, which are Bavaria’s colors.

    Food and Beverages

    Beer takes center stage at Oktoberfest. Look for brews that originate from one of Munich’s breweries:

    • Augustiner
    • Hofbrau Munchner
    • Hacker-Pschorr
    • Paulaner
    • Lowenbrau
    • Spaten-Franziskaner

    Pale ale is recommended for this day-drinking festival. And of course, all beer must be served in beer steins (krug in German). When clinking your glass with other guests, yell “prost!” which means “cheers.” Oktoberfest celebrations also feature traditional Bavarian food, including the following:

    • Bratwurst and other sausages
    • Roast pork
    • Rotisserie chicken
    • Potato salad or potato dumplings
    • Giant pretzels
    • Apple strudel
    • Plum cake
    • Kaiserschmarrn (a sweet pancake dish)
    • Bienenstich (a cream-filled cake)

    Don’t forget to rent enough flatware and silverware for your guests!

    You can recreate the spirit of Oktoberfest right here in Austin, TX with party supplies available from American Party Rental. We offer everything from large tent rentals and lighting to catering and cooking equipment. Call a friendly representative at our party store at (512) 837-6500.


  • What Runners Want in a Finish Line Festival

    The running industry has been evolving over the past couple of decades. After it exploded in popularity from the 1990s onward, the racing industry has been dominated by amateur runners who have come to expect more of racing day organizers. Most participants in the average footrace decide to sign up because they love the community atmosphere as much as the competitiveness. This means that, to continue to draw large numbers of runners and attract big name sponsors, race directors must plan fantastic finish line festivals. To keep costs down, look for affordable event rentals from a party store.


    Whether you’re renting a tent or hosting your finish line festival in a state park pavilion, you undoubtedly need lots of seating options for your tired runners. Remember that runners often travel to events with family members and well-wishers, including young kids who won’t want to stand for long periods of time. Make sure you rent enough chairs to give your exhausted runners and their entourages a break, especially if you’re planning on having a long awards ceremony.


    Experienced racers bring protein bars and electrolyte gel packs with them, but they still expect food to be available at a finish line festival. Most runners prefer savory foods instead of sweet, although you can have a balanced mix of each. If you rent a grill or two, you could put someone in charge of grilling hot dogs and burgers. Other tasty treats that runners may enjoy include:

    • Peanut butter crackers
    • Bagels
    • Fruit salad
    • Whole fruit
    • Quinoa salad
    • Ice cream
    • Popsicles

    And of course, make sure you have more than enough water and electrolyte drinks on hand for your runners. Rent some beverage buckets and buy ice to keep the drinks cold.

    Sample Giveaways

    Every finish line festival needs swag bags. Check with your sponsors to see if they’ll donate some snack-size samples of granola, protein bars, or fruit leather. Samples of lip balm and muscle cream are always appreciated by runners.

    Here at American Party Rental, we can’t organize your finish line festival for you, but we can provide the party equipment you need to make it an event to remember! Call a friendly representative at (512) 837-6500 today. Or, check out our online product catalog to see party supply rentals available in Austin, TX.