• Planning a Business-Casual Company Picnic

    Throwing a company picnic is a great way to bring your professional team closer together and enhance the overall mood in your workplace. With help from the party rentals professionals here at American Party Rental in Austin , you can put together an event that your colleagues and staff will be talking about around the office for years to come. Here is your guide to planning a business-casual company picnic.

    Evening Dinner Reception

    Set a Budget In Advance
    Before calling up a caterer for price quotes or speaking with your Austin party rental company about reserving tables, chairs, and other essential party supplies, sit down and develop a practical budget for the event. Be sure to consider items big and small, such as a venue, invitations, party linens, and a source of entertainment, such as a DJ or band. Once the budget has been set, follow it carefully and fight the temptation to add new expenses as you go along in the planning process.

    Liven the Mood with Fun Games
    Are you looking for a surefire way to keep guests entertained at your  company picnic ? If so, then consider renting several large group games from your party supplies vendor in Austin. From easy-to-transport goofy golf courses to a simple game of ring toss, there are a number of fun carnival style games that will fit in perfectly at a business-casual event in the great outdoors.

    Work with Reputable Vendors
    No matter what theme you choose for your company picnic or the cuisine that you wish to serve to guests, you need to be sure that you select reputable vendors who are capable of helping you create a worthwhile event. Look for locally owned, family-run businesses—such as our party rental company—that are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and have experience putting together both indoor and outdoor events like formal picnics.

    Here at American Party Rental in Austin, we make it  our goal  to provide you with the party supplies you need to put together the perfect event. Whether you’re throwing a company picnic, a milestone birthday party, or a school fundraiser, you can count on our staff to assist you in finding the right equipment to fill your venue and keep your guests comfortable and satisfied. To book party supplies for an upcoming event, call (888) 717-7301.

  • Creating a Beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpiece

    From leaves to gourds and even nuts, there are a number of inexpensive and easy-to-find accessories that you can use to create a beautiful centerpiece for your Thanksgiving dinner table this year. Since the centerpiece will share the table with the main star of the evening—the turkey—as well as other tasty side dishes, begin the process of putting it together by determining how large or small it can be. Once you have some general measurements in mind, the possibilities for designing the centerpiece are nearly endless. Some safe yet exciting ideas include filling a chic white bowl with vibrant flowers and pumpkins, creating sweet place settings out of card stock, and filling the various layers of a tiered cake plate with pine cones, cranberries, and nuts.

    Holiday dining

    If you could use a table, chairs, utensils, or even serving ware for your big Thanksgiving party, be sure to contact  American Party Rental  today. We are the Austin area’s go-to source for party essentials, including party tent rentals, table and chairs rentals, and China rentals. To reserve party supplies for any upcoming fest, call us today at (888) 717-7301.

  • Inspiration for Planning an Old-Fashioned Family Thanksgiving

    Of all the major holidays celebrated here in the United States, it’s safe to say that Thanksgiving holds a special significance for families from all walks of life and from every corner of the country. If your family is keen on making this all-American holiday especially memorable this year, then consider adding several traditional touches to the décor , drink list, and dinner menu. Read on for some inspiration for planning an old-fashioned family Thanksgiving.

    Holiday turkey

    Let Nature Serve as Your Backdrop
    If you’re searching for a locale large enough to comfortably host your family affair this year, then you may want to set your sights on the great outdoors. Austin’s fabulous fall weather makes it easy for you and your guests to eat, drink, and be merry in a peaceful outdoor setting. While trees, greenery, and blue skies can serve as the perfect backdrop, a tent rental and table and chair rentals will provide your group with the practical items they need to enjoy a comfortable and worry-free holiday.

    Keep the Menu Nice and Simple
    One of the easiest ways to successfully execute an old-fashioned  Thanksgiving dinner  is to plan a simple yet impressive dinner menu that features classic favorites like stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and a juicy turkey. If you lack some of the equipment needed to prepare or serve the turkey and traditional sides, be sure to reserve these supplies from your Austin party rental professionals.

    Incorporate Fall Colors Into Your Centerpiece
    You can also create an old-fashioned feeling at your upcoming Thanksgiving event by filling your home, tent rental, or similar venue with autumn colors like reds, oranges, yellows, and browns. These colors can be easily incorporated into your centerpiece, or into the general décor with help from party supplies like table cloths, chair covers, and cloth napkins.

    No matter what the theme of your Thanksgiving dinner is this year, you can find the party supplies you need for the big event right here at American Party Rental in Austin. We offer a wide variety of party rental equipment, from table linen rentals to fine China rentals. To learn more about the items available in  our catalog , call (888) 717-7301. 

  • How Renting Washable Table Linens Help Your Party Go Green

    One of the hottest trends in party planning these days is to go eco-friendly when it comes to party supplies, decorations, and food. With help from your local Austin party rentals company, you too can put together a celebration that’s not only entertaining but also sustainable. Here is a closer look at how renting washable table linens helps your party go green.

    Wedding table

    Reduce Energy Usage
    Contrary to popular belief, the amount of energy used when washing a large load of washable table linens is less than that used to produce a similar amount of paper table linens. Since you will be relying on a considerable amount of energy in order to cook your party entrees and to light your venue, you can responsibly offset this consumption by opting for energy-smart table and chairs rentals supplies such as washable linens.

    Eliminate Excess Paper Consumption
    As previously touched upon, the amount of energy that it takes to create paper tablecloths, napkins, and other disposable party supplies is considered excessive by many environmentalists. Many of these items, which are made from freshly cut trees and bleached using harmful chemicals, will simply wind up in the garbage after being used and are therefore incredibly  unsustainable .

    Promote Recyclable Goods
    From red wine to dark chocolate, a number of items can stain your tablecloths during a party. When you rent washable table linens from your Austin party rental service, stains and spills are nothing to worry about, since these items can be cleaned using green products and then redistributed for use numerous times over in the future. The possibility of recycling them time and again makes them a far more practical choice than disposable table linens.

    You can throw an eco-friendly Halloween, autumn, or holiday party with help from the professionals at  American Party Rental . Our team can assist you in finding the right supplies to fit your theme, budget, and sustainable goals. To get started reserving your party rental supplies, call (888) 717-7301 today.