• A Quick Guide to Planning a Successful Outdoor Event

    Evening Dinner Reception

    As the weather warms up in Austin, people start planning fun outdoor summer events. If you are coordinating an outside birthday bash or wedding, it’s essential that you don’t overlook key party supplies to keep your guests comfortable. The following guidelines highlight the special touches that can ensure your guests’ happiness and your party’s success.

    Be Ready for Rain or Shine

    Austin enjoys an ample amount of beautiful summertime weather, but rising temperatures can quickly turn from pleasurable to intolerable. If you plan to host an event outside , tent rentals are crucial. During a clear day, tents can provide the shade that guests crave after a few minutes in direct sunlight. A thunderstorm or two might pass through on any given day as well, so it pays to have tents on hand to prevent your guests from getting soaked during your festivities.

    Keep Your Guests Hydrated

    Having enough beverages for guests is critical not only for their enjoyment, but also their safety. The heat of the Texas sun can quickly dehydrate outdoor dwellers. Though having a well-stocked inventory of water and other drink options is important, don’t forget the glassware. Especially when you intend to host an outdoor event where glasses cannot be cleaned and reused, be sure to have an ample supply of glasses for the many beverages that your guests may want to enjoy.

    Don’t Forget the Details

    Nothing will ruin a party quicker than too few tables or chairs for your guests. When organizing your event, have an accurate headcount before getting your table and chair rentals. Guests may be happy to walk around and mingle for a while, but once the food is served, they’ll want a place to rest and relax for the remainder of your party. 

    American Party Rental has everything you need for a memorable and successful event. Our Austin store can provide tents, tables, chairs, and glassware for any party, and we offer a diverse selection of other party supplies as well. Call us today at (888) 717-7301 for more information .

  • Selecting the Proper Glassware for Your Event

    Browse Glassware - Cocktail & Party

    Whether it’s a wedding, birthday bash, or company party, a variety of affairs involve toasting to the guests of honor or drinking spirits to celebrate personal or professional milestones. Even when guests aren’t eating, they’re bound to have drinks in hand as they enjoy themselves and mingle with others. If you’re arranging an upcoming event, keep in mind these tips for selecting the perfect party rental glassware:

    Consider Your Type of Party

    Though every event serves beverages, the types of drinks can vary greatly from one gathering to another. Champagne is a widely popular beverage at weddings. Elegant corporate events often serve wine. More casual affairs such as birthday parties and family reunions frequently have beer and mixed drinks on hand. Each of these drinks requires a different type of serving glass.

    Assemble Your Menu

    What you intend to serve for breakfast, lunch, or dinner can also affect the glassware you rent for your big event. Early affairs may require both champagne flutes and highball glasses for the serving of mimosas and Bloody Marys. Afternoon festivities might require martini or margarita glassware. For formal evening gatherings, red and white wine glasses might be best if you’re serving both beef and fish meal options.

    Show Off Your Drinks

    Presentation is important when it comes to serving drinks. After all, you want your guests to enjoy their beverages! That’s why you should serve drinks in their proper glassware. Wine deserves a wide-topped glass to allow guests to take in its aroma. Champagne needs a flute to let its bubbles rise to the top.

    When choosing your party supplies, make sure to coordinate your beverage choices and the glassware in which they should be served. American Party Rental in Austin can help you figure out all of your party supply rental needs. We have a wide array of glassware options that can cater to your drink needs. Call (888) 717-7301 or visit our website to view our extensive party supply inventory.

  • Easy Ways to Add a Touch of Whimsy to Any Event


    Party supply rentals such as tents, tables, and chairs can make your gathering a smooth-running function. When you rent a cotton candy machine, snow cone machine, or funnel cake fryer, though, you can make your party a truly memorable event! These rentals add a bit of lighthearted fun to a diverse array of gatherings.

    A sno cone machine can cool guests at an outdoor wedding. A cotton candy machine can bring some levity to a corporate convention. If you’re planning a big family reunion, birthday party, or Fourth of July bash, a funnel cake fryer is the perfect way to celebrate the fun with some delicious sweet treats. While chair rentals and table linens can prove essential to a successful party, these food machines can add an element of whimsy to your event.

    When’s the last time you enjoyed a freshly spun batch of cotton candy? Come to American Party Rental for all of your party supply needs, including carnival food machines. To find out more about the party rental options for Austin residents, call (888) 717-7301. 

  • Picking the Correct Glasses for Your Party’s Beverages

    The shape of a beverage glass can enhance both a drink’s appearance and taste. This video highlights types of glassware to include when renting party supplies for an upcoming event.

    Martinis are popular drink choices at weddings, corporate functions, and other organized affairs. To serve martinis, have on hand glassware that can hold at least six ounces. A highball glass is a great multipurpose choice for parties where you are serving a variety of beverages. If you intend to have wine at your party, you should have designated wine glasses for your guests.

    American Party Rental in Austin has an extensive inventory of  party supply  glasses to meet all of your special event needs. For more information, call us today at (888) 717-7301.

  • Chair Accessories That Add Extra Style to Your Event


    Renting tables and chairs is a simple and convenient way to provide the perfect seating options for guests during your upcoming event. You will find a fabulous selection of stylish, comfortable, and functional tables and chairs for your guests here at American Party Rental.

    If you want to add extra style to your event, you can enhance your chair rentals with the addition of chair accessories! These luxuries add to the overall appearance of your chairs, making it easier for party planners to incorporate themes and colors into every element of the event. Our selection of chair accessories includes an assortment of sashes and covers that flawlessly add style to our wonderful chair rentals.

    American Party Rental is Austin’s best choice for party supplies for any event. Learn more about our tables, chairs, and accessories by taking a look at our website or calling our friendly team today at (888) 717-7301.