• Concession Equipment to Include In Your Next Event

    Popcorn Machine

    As an event host, one of your primary focuses should be on keeping your guests fed. If you add concession equipment  to your next event, your guests can find something to eat whenever they need it. Consider renting the following machines for your next party or event t o keep everyone well-fed and happy.

    A Popcorn Machine

    Whether you are hosting a carnival or a movie night, popcorn is a delicious and easy-to-eat snack that your guests are sure to love. With a popcorn machine, you can continue to replenish your supply of this tasty snack throughout your entire event. Popcorn is easy to serve and your guests do not have to sit down to enjoy it, which means they do not have to interrupt their fun to eat.

    A Sno cone Machine

    Help your event guests cool off on a warm day with a sno cone machine. The combination of shaved ice and syrup is a treat that is perfect for all ages. Like popcorn, your guests can enjoy sno cones as they walk around and check out the product of your event planning.

    A Cotton Candy Machine

    Help everyone at your event remember what it feels like to be a child by i ncluding a cotton candy machine at your event . The sweet taste combined with the fun colors of the treat make this a snack that is always a popular addition to practically any kind of event. With a cotton candy machine, it is easy to provide everyone with this fun-to-eat snack.

    Get all of the concession equipment and event rentals that you need at American Party Rental. As Austin’s premium party supply rental company, we can help you plan any kind of event from a carnival to a wedding. If you are in charge of planning an event, we will do everything we can to help you find the supplies that you need. To learn more about our products and services, visit us online or call (888) 717-7301.

  • Document the Bridal Shower with This App

    Use your iPhone to make memories on the day of your bridal shower with the help of the PhotoOpp Bride Edition . You can customize a wedding app that your entire bridal party and your guests can use to document your special day.

    With real-time photo sharing, a live event slide show, and an online photo album, it is easier than ever to take and share pictures of your special time. This app gives you a way to get your pictures before your professional photos are done.

    PhotoOp Bride

    American Party Rental has the event rentals that you need to set up your bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, and wedding reception. With table, linen, chair, and tent rentals, we make it easy to decorate to your tastes. Call (888) 717-7301 to get started today.

  • Hosting a Bridal Shower Brunch

    Delicious Brunch

    As maid-of-honor, there are certain responsibilities that fall into your wheelhouse. One of those responsibilities is to plan the bridal shower. Brunch is a classy and elegant way to celebrate your best friend’s upcoming nuptials. Use the following tips to plan a brunch that will please the bride.

    Order Perfect Party Rentals

    With the right supplies, you are well on your way to planning a beautiful and intimate brunch for the entire bridal party. Find a table rental that is big enough to accommodate everyone on the guest list and add chairs that are both comfortable and stylish. Table linens allow you to add personality to the location and even choose colors that work with the bride’s chosen color scheme. If you are planning to have your brunch outside, you might want to also get a tent rental to add to the ambiance and protect your brunch in case of rain.

    Choose the Perfect Menu

    Plan a brunch menu that allows you to put on the type of bridal shower you know your friend will love . Whether you want to have a sit-down brunch or a buffet-style meal, it is important to pick food that the bride wants. You might even want to select a menu that complements what the bride has chosen for the actual wedding to create a connective thread between the events.

    Decorate to Her Tastes

    Once again, it is important to keep the bride in mind when choosing decorations. Ask for her input as you pick a décor for the brunch. Candles, flowers, are accessories that quickly add elegance. Decorate based on the bride’s tastes to ensure that the brunch is an event that represents her.

    American Party Rental makes it easy to find all of the party rentals that you need to throw any kind of event. By providing tent, table, chair, and linen rentals, we give you the foundation for your bridal shower brunch. To learn more about our products for the Austin area, call (888) 717-7301. 

  • Selecting a Color Scheme for Your Event Décor

    When you are planning an event, there are many details you need to consider as you are getting ready. In addition to creating a guest list, selecting a catering menu, and securing a venue, you’ll need to decide on a color scheme for your event. Oftentimes, the type of event will dictate an appropriate color scheme. More formal events tend to have simple yet elegant color schemes such as black and white, while casual affairs may be more colorful and bright. Consider the mood you wish to establish at your event, and choose colors based on the atmosphere you want to create. You can also personalize your event by incorporating your favorite colors into the design scheme, and having table linens and napkins to match your unique preferences.

    Restaurant armchair decor

    The party experts at American Party Rental can help with all of the supplies you need for your next Austin event. Contact us at (888) 717-7301 with any questions you have about  our rental catalog . Our friendly staff will make sure you get everything you want for a perfect event.