• Creating a Spooky Atmosphere at Your Halloween Party

    The key to throwing a successful and spooky Halloween party this October is to carefully plan out each and every detail several weeks ahead of the event date. As soon as you’ve decided to throw your party, begin your planning by sending out invitations, informing invitees that prizes will be given out for costumes, and stocking up on spooky party supplies. Some great decorative items to rent or invest in include reusable jack-o-lanterns, plastic skulls, and fake spiders and cobwebs.

    As you will see in this video, another way to make the environment inside your party extra-scary is to rent a fog machine. To enhance the level of fright even higher, you can play festive music or albums that contain spooky sounds like screams, wolf howls, and chain saws.

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  • Ideas for Throwing a Fun Halloween Party

    Are your thoughts currently preoccupied with thoughts of witches, spider webs, and pumpkins? If you can’t get enough of Halloween and are looking for the perfect way to celebrate it this year, then consider throwing a festive party with your family or friends this year. Here are some helpful ideas that will help you throw an unforgettable Halloween party.


    Set a Spooky Theme|
    The best way to ensure that your guests are nothing short of impressed upon entering your fest is to decorate according to a specific theme. While Halloween will be the overarching theme, of course, you can narrow the décor and food down further by centering them around certain holiday-related creatures like witches, ghosts, and goblins.

    Plan Crafts for Children
    If children will be invited to your  Halloween party , then keep them occupied by planning several fun games as well as some arts and crafts projects. Kids can create bags or baskets to carry their candy in or even put together masks to wear with their costumes while they trick-or-treat.

    Provide Costumes Pieces for Attendees
    It’s inevitable that one of your partygoers will show up without a costume. Help him or her to get in on the fun by having several fun costume pieces on hand, such as wigs, hats, and masks. You can also purchase an inexpensive face-painting kit to decorate attendees’ faces.

    Rent a Space If Necessary
    In addition to renting tables, chairs, serving ware, and other party supplies from your Austin wedding rentals and party rentals store, you might want to consider renting a venue for your event. Not only does this option save you the trouble of cleaning your home the next day, but it also allows you to increase the number of invitees.

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  • Unique Punch Recipes for Halloween

    If you’re getting ready to transform your home or a party rental space into the Halloween headquarters for your family and friends this fall season, then there’s a good chance that you’re busy as a bee putting together delicious drink and food recipes. As your Austin commercial food service professionals will share, one quick way to capture the attention and palette of your attendees is to create and serve several unique punches. If your party is going to be an adults-only affair, then consider putting together a mad scientist type concoction of blood red grenadine, sparkling lemon lime soda, tequila, and frozen orange juice. For a more kid-friendly beverage, fill a bowl with sparkling lemonade and add large cubes of blueberry flavored gelatin to make a colorful drink that resembles creepy, crawly slime.


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