• What to Do When People Don’t RSVP

    Guest responses are important for a host to accurately plan an event. The host requires these responses to inform the caterer, rent different party supplies, and purchase any giveaways. Many guests will be courteous and respond in a timely manner. However, there are many people who forget to respond. This situation can be easily remedied with a phone call or email. Read on to see the protocol when people do not respond to a party invitation.

    It may seem embarrassing or awkward for a host to call unresponsive guests. However, this is the necessary step to receive a “yes” or “no” response to a party. Hosts should remain friendly when confirming attendance status with their guests. If a guest does not give a concrete response, then state that a final count is required for the catering and party rental orders. This should bring immediacy to the conversation.

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  • Party Rental Must-Haves for Your Outdoor Event

    There are many party rentals required to ensure your outdoor event is a success. You will need fans or heaters to keep your guests comfortable during any type of weather, and your catered food needs to be prepared in the proper containers and serving platters to ensure there is no chance of food poisoning. Let’s take a closer look at these must-have rentals for your next outdoor event.

    Temperature-Regulating Equipment

    The most important element of a successful outdoor event is the weather. Your guests need to be comfortable in a sunny, cloudy, or rainy environment. Keep your guests comfortable in any type of weather by renting tents and temperature-regulating party equipment. This equipment will consist of heaters or fans stationed in key areas around your event. Always keep coolers filled with bottled water to keep your guests hydrated during a summer event.

    Comfortable Table and Chair Rentals

    Add the right table and chair rentals to your rental list as well. Consider the time of day and the suggested weather during your outdoor event. If it is going to be hot and sunny, then your chair rentals should be light-colored and plastic to avoid hot seats. However, an evening event during cool months can be outfitted with fancier, cushioned chairs. Add chair and table linen rentals to your list to protect these items and keep your guests comfortable.

    Safe and Covered Food Selections

    If your outdoor event is held during the summer, then consider the type of food you are serving and how it will be contained. There are certain foods and ingredients—such as milk and meats—that must be prepared and contained properly to ensure there is no danger of food poisoning. Your caterer will help determine the right serving platters to keep foods cold or hot as needed.

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  • Could a Morning Wedding Be Right for You?

    You and your fiancé have many choices to make for your upcoming wedding. You must decide on the right wedding rentals , venues, and the time and date. Consider the possibilities that can come with a morning wedding, such as lowered expenses and less stress. Continue reading to see if a morning wedding is right for you.

    You want an original wedding event.

    If you and your fiancé value originality, then a morning wedding is the perfect choice. Weddings are rarely held before the late afternoon, so your guests will be pleasantly surprised when they receive an invitation for a morning wedding and brunch reception. You can serve brunch foods, such as waffles and scrambled eggs, and your guests will be able to enjoy a truly unique wedding event.

    You want a cost-effective wedding.

    There are several costs that you must consider prior to your wedding day, such as a venue, wedding rentals, and catering. Keep in mind that many of these costs can change depending on the day and time you choose for your wedding. Many venues will lower prices for weddings held during the week or in the morning. Catering costs may lower, as well, because you will serve different foods and little to no alcohol. Price all of your wedding costs for a morning and evening event to see a clear picture of how much money you can save.

    You want a stress-free wedding day.

    The day leading up to an evening wedding is often filled with nerves, extensive preparation, and last-minute changes. This can make your entire wedding day extremely stressful. You can avoid all of this stress by choosing a morning wedding. You will not have time to linger on nerves or preparation, and you will have the entire day after the wedding to relax.

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  • Exploring Your Party Chair Rental Options

    Exploring Your Party Chair Rental Options

    There are several pieces of party equipment needed for any type of party, such as table linens, tables, and chairs. Each type of event rental has many options available. Chair rentals include decorated Chiavari chairs, bar stools, and benches . Here is a brief look at the many different chair options available for all types of parties:

    Chiavari Chairs

    Chiavari chairs have been a popular chair rental since their creation in 1807. These ornate chairs can come in mahogany, white, and gold colors. Chiavari chair rentals are popular choices for a high-class corporate event or fundraiser.

    Folding Chairs

    Folding chairs are a popular choice for any type of event in any location. These chair rentals are informal, but they can be spruced up with a linen chair cover or decoration. Folding chairs can be easily transported from one location to another or throughout an entire event. They come in different colors and materials to match the look and theme of any type of party.

    Bar Stools

    Bar stools are great for an informal party or for a cocktail hour event. Bar stools can be paired with high-top, bistro table rentals. These chair rentals can be paired with traditional chairs to give guests the option between a formal sit-down meal or a casual cocktail hour meal.


    Benches can be added to any list of party rentals as an attractive seating option. Place benches in various areas around the party, so guests can sit down and socialize away from loud groups. Benches come in various styles and materials, such as wrought iron and colonnade, to match a party’s décor.

    Children’s Chairs

    Many parties and events include children as guests, so it is important to include party supplies for them, too. There are several types of children’s chair rentals, such as booster seats, folding chairs, and Chiavari chairs.

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  • How to Cut a Wedding Cake

    A wedding cake can be as simple or as intricate as the happy couple wants. However, there is still a certain way that wedding cake is usually cut. For the couple wishing to plan most of their wedding themselves—including reserving the wedding rentals and party equipment—here is a brief look at how to cut a wedding cake.

    As seen in this video, it is important to cut the cake carefully, because it will likely be room-temperature and soft. Cut it into equal parts by cutting a square out of circular cake. Don’t forget to remove any dowels if the cake is multitiered.

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  • Festive Tent Draping Ideas

    Are you in the planning stages of an event? When you are getting ready to host a party, there are many elements you must keep organized. Make sure you rent the party supplies that you need to make your event fun as well as aesthetically pleasing. Watch this short video to see how you can drape a tent that you can use for a wedding or other special event.

    To drape a tent, you should have the right supplies on hand. You can use a fabric such as organza and a plastic hoop, and have the tent serve as a focal point for a wedding ceremony or reception. Choose colors that work well with your event but won’t overpower the other decorations. Typically, one neutral color like white will look great paired with a more vibrant color such as a rich red or deep blue.

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  • Ideas for Your Next Fundraising Raffle

    Hosting a successful event takes a lot of planning, dedication, and hard work. In order to make your event fun for everyone in attendance, you’ll need the right party supplies . The type of event you’re having will help you decide what you need, such as chairs, lights, and table linen rentals. When you are hosting a fundraiser, it is a good idea to make sure that there are plenty of ways for your guests to contribute to your cause. Fundraising raffles are a great idea, as multiple items can be raffled off at different contribution levels. Keep reading for helpful tips on your next fundraising raffle.


    Whether you are raising money for a school sports team or a non-profit organization, you will want your guests to feel like their financial contributions are going to a good cause. Giving something back to your donors shows them that they are appreciated, and many people enjoy the suspense and surprise of entering a raffle. At your fundraising event, you can have different types of raffles for people to enter. You might consider raffling off a weekend getaway by selling tickets at a higher amount, or smaller prizes such as a massage or salon services for less money. That way, you’ll appeal to more of your guests and allow everyone the opportunity to participate.


    One of the appealing parts of a raffle is not knowing who is going to win. For some prizes, you might decide to let people enter and then announce the winners after the event is over. If you have a grand prize, you can make the announcement at the end of the party, which encourages your guests to stay longer to find out if they win. Ask your party store about what you can do to make the big reveal more dramatic, such as using a brass raffle drum to select the winner.

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  • Planning a Post-Wedding Brunch Buffet

    When planning a wedding, the last thing you want to think about is adding another event to the wedding weekend. However, a post-wedding brunch is an event that is designed to be a casual way to wrap up a wedding. For tips on planning an enjoyable day-after wedding brunch complete with wedding supply rentals, keep on reading.

    Guest List wedding reception rentals austin

    Whether you had a large wedding or a more intimate affair, the post-wedding brunch is traditionally a smaller event . Generally, the bride and groom’s close family and bridal party will attend the brunch. Of course, the bride and groom may decide to invite others that they are close to, or perhaps guests who traveled from out of town for the wedding. The brunch is a chance for the bride and groom to have a more relaxed time with some of their guests. The stress of the wedding is over, and now is the time for the bride and groom to enjoy the company of their guests!


    The location of the brunch buffet should be convenient for guests. If the wedding was at a hotel and many guests stayed the night, then it would make sense to have the brunch at the hotel as well. A location near the venue, or where guests stayed the night, would be the best option so that guests can easily join you instead of having to worry about finding transportation to a totally new venue.

    Time of Day

    The optimal time for your post-wedding brunch will depend on the time of your wedding. If your wedding runs into the evening, consider starting brunch later in the morning. Make sure you know which guests have to leave and when so you can avoid starting brunch too late in the day.

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  • What to Avoid With Your Wedding Reception Floor Plan

    A wedding supply rental store can help you design your ideal wedding that accounts for every detail. When you begin planning the reception, remember to keep your atmosphere joyful and energetic. How your reception goes has a lot to do with how you arrange your wedding reception floor plan. Keep reading to learn why you should avoid direct sunlight, crowd splitting, and separate music for your wedding reception.

    Direct Sunlight

    As your wedding supply rental company will advise you, your wedding reception plan should avoid exposing guests to direct sunlight. Not only does sunlight risk spoiling your party food catering and creating a glare from your party lighting, it can also make your guests feel hot or uncomfortable. Make sure to secure party tents that have plenty of shade if you get married during the summer or in the afternoon hours.

    Crowd Splitting

    When you arrange party tents, never give your guests multiple room options. While it may seem like a great idea to separate the dance floor and the bar, guests may congregate in just one reception area. Others may stop to get a drink at the bar and simply never return. Weddings are social, high energy events. Make sure to create a space that allows people to mingle in a large, open setting.

    Separate Music

    Separating the DJ from the dance floor is another common wedding reception mistake. Some wedding receptions surround the dance floor with guest tables, while putting the DJ against a corner wall. Unfortunately, that means music will need to be played especially loud to make it to the dance floor, which can be uncomfortable for guests seated close to his booth.

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  • Selecting the Right AV Equipment for Your Next Corporate Event

    A party supply company does even more than provide catering and party tents. If you have a corporate event or work function, contact party supply specialists for the audio visual equipment you need to make your event go off without a hitch.

    A party supply specialist offers many different kinds of audiovisual, or AV, equipment for rent. Whether you are planning a small company party or a large meeting, you can pick up AV equipment at the same time you rent party tents and party accessories. AV equipment includes speakers, microphones, party lighting, audio and video recording devices, and microphones. For a larger gathering that wants to make use of multimedia displays, you can rent LCD projectors and screens. AV equipment rentals can create unique and memorable experiences for any size of audience. Work with a party supply company to create a one-of-a-kind corporate event that your guests will never forget. AV equipment rentals are ideal for fundraisers, product launches, sales meetings, and corporate galas.

    For a great selection of audio visual equipment , contact American Party Rental. We have speakers, slide projectors, projection screens, equipment carts, and more. Call us at (512) 236-5773 to learn about our party supplies in Austin.