• Beautify Your Tables with Creative Napkin Folding

    Draw more focus to your table linen settings with creatively folded napkins that add depth and texture to your event’s décor. Keep reading to get inspiration for some unique napkin designs that can enhance your next big party:


    The Arum Lily is a simple yet elegant napkin setting that is perfect for weddings or anniversary parties. Choose the Bird of Paradise for summertime events to create a beach-y atmosphere that inspires your guests to have a good time. The Bishop’s Mitre is a great option for a corporate function and the Clown’s Hat creates a less formal feeling for a casual party.

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  • Tips for a Beach-Themed Wedding

    Bring the beach to your wedding with decorative elements that incorporate colors from the ocean. Coral is a great hue to use to create a beach theme for your special day.

    From table linens to bridesmaid’s dresses, coral is a beautiful, subtle color palette that adds some visual stimulation without overpowering the eye. Check out this video to learn more about using coral in your own wedding décor.

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  • How to Throw the Perfect Graduation Party

    Students throwing graduation hats

    The end of the school year is rapidly approaching and many students are getting ready to graduate. If you or someone you know is about to receive their diploma, use the following tips to put together an unforgettable graduation party to celebrate this momentous occasion:

    Decide on the Food

    You might prefer that your party is a smaller, informal affair that allows your guests to walk around and mingle with some appetizers. It could also be a grand soiree with a sit-down dinner and a four-course meal. Before you can decide what kind of party rentals you will need, you must first choose the kind of food you want to serve and how you want to serve it.

    Come Up with a Theme

    Creating a theme for an event helps you narrow your focus and choose decorations and equipment rentals that have something in common. Whether you choose a theme based on the graduate’s favorite movie or just decorate with a particular set of colors, this theme gives you the direction you need to put together a cohesive party.

    Send Our Your Invitations

    Once you know all of the details of your events, you should start compiling and sending invitations to give your guests plenty of time to make arrangements to come to your party. Make sure every invitation clearly lists the date and time for the party as well as pertinent information about whether or not food will be served.

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  • Celebrating Mother’s Day in Style

    Pink tulips on green with mothers day card

    Your mother selflessly takes care of your family throughout the year without asking for anything in return. This Mother’s Day, you should put some time and effort into planning a party that allows you to show your appreciation. With a little bit of planning and the right party rentals , you can put together a stylish, elegant event that lets your mom know just how much you love her:

    Decorate with Classy Features

    Take your time planning out every detail to create a celebration that your mother will not soon forget. Find linen rentals that add some color and texture to the table settings to set a foundation for the rest of your decor. Choose centerpieces that draw attention straight to these aesthetically appealing settings. This sets the scene for a delectable meal and a wonderful Mother’s Day .

    Serve Beautiful Food

    The food that you serve can also enhance your Mother’s Day spread. Colorful fruits, vibrant teas, and delightful finger foods are delicious and beautiful enough to enhance your entire celebration. Choose dishes that are flavorful and attractive to complete your table settings and give your mom the party that she deserves.

    Dress for the Occasion

    After you spend so much time bringing together different elements that create a stylish event, you should make the effort to look the part yourself. Take advantage of the opportunity to get a little bit dressed up so you complement the beautiful decorative features you have chosen for the event.

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  • How to Cut a Wedding Cake

    From choosing your color palette to organizing all of your tent rentals, planning a wedding takes a lot of time and effort. Try to remind yourself to enjoy the process so you can make the most of your big day. Keep reading for tips on how to cut your delicious wedding cake:

    Pastel Wedding Cake

    Make sure your cake-cutting knife is sharp enough to slide easily through the cake. Place the knife straight down and then bring it through at an angle toward the outside of the cake. Use a clean cloth to wipe off the knife before using it again.

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