• A Look at the Various Event Lighting Options

    There are many little details that are important to consider when planning an event in Austin, whether it is a holiday party or an upscale wedding. If you are organizing an upcoming event, consider using the following lighting options from a party rental company to enhance the appearance and atmosphere of your event.

    Disco Mirror sphere

    • Chandeliers : If you are trying to find the perfect option for lighting a wedding , a gala, or any other upscale event, consider renting chandeliers. This lighting option adds a classic and refined touch to any space. There are many different types of chandeliers, so you are sure to find one that fits perfectly with your event theme.
    • Mirror Balls : Put a fun spin on your event by renting a mirror ball, which is perfect for parties with dance floors or a ‘70s theme. The small mirrors on the ball will reflect light all around the dance floor, creating a fun effect. A spinning disco ball will be an automatic hit at any event and is sure to be a topic of conversation among your guests.
    • String Lights : The holiday season is quickly approaching, which means that it’s time to start thinking about planning your holiday events. String lights are the perfect lighting options for your holiday event, and will definitely add to the festive atmosphere.
    • Strobe Lights : If you are planning a school dance or any other type of dance party, consider renting strobe lights, which will get your guests excited to dance. Strobe lights create an instant edgy and energetic dance environment that is perfect for a variety of events.

    When you are looking for the perfect lighting options for your upcoming event, contact Austin’s American Party Rental . In addition to lighting fixtures, we can provide chairs, tables, décor, and any other event rentals you may need. Check out our variety of lighting options by visiting our website, or call us at (512) 837-6500 to get more information about our party rentals. 

  • Capitol Metro’s Groundbreaking Ceremony


    American Party Rental is proud to have been apart of the groundbreaking ceremony for the Metrorapid rail in Chinatown this past weekend!

    In these photos you will see a full service set up of a 20′ x 30′ frame tent with sidewall, chairs, staging, and a podium with a wireless mic.

    For more information about the variety of rentals available at American Party Rental , please call us at  (512) 837-6500.  

  • Why Snow Cones Are the Perfect Snack for Your Event!

    girls celebrate birthday outdoors

    As the temperature starts to rise, you can make the most out of your event with delicious and refreshing treats. Snow cones make a Texas summer bearable and fun. Keep reading to see why this party supply is a must-have for any indoor or outdoor event this summer:

    • A Cool Treat

    Each lick of a deliciously chilled snow cone will make your guests feel less of the Austin heat. Congregate around the snow cone machine at your next event to enjoy a treat that instantly makes you feel cool, comfortable, and hydrated. Snow cones are one of the few treats that actually give you a reprieve from the extreme heat of a Texas summer. Bring this commercial food service to your party so that you and your guests can temporarily escape the stifling temperatures.

    • Fun for Everyone

    Snow cones are an ideal treat for kid’s birthdays, company parties, and even wedding receptions because they are a treat that everyone can enjoy. Your guests can choose which flavorful syrup they’d like poured over the crushed iced of their snow cone. Grab a treat from the snow cone machine and satiate your hunger and thirst with this delectable treat.

    • Flavor without the Fat

    Some summer snacks are dripping with calories and fat. In contrast, snow cones are made mostly from ice. Add a touch of blue bubblegum, cherry, coconut, grape, pineapple, lemon-lime, orange, red raspberry, or strawberry to your treat with flavored syrup. With a snow cone, you can have a refreshingly delicious snack without putting a dent in your diet plans.

    Rent a snow cone machine from American Party Rental to give your next event a cooler edge. With our snow cone machine, table, chair, and linen rentals, you can set up a truly memorable event. For more information, please visit us online or call (512) 837-6500 .

  • Watch: Corporate Event Planning Tips

    While small planning oversights can almost always be fixed on the day of your corporate event, they certainly add an extra level of unnecessary stress. It’s always seems to be the smaller items that those planning these events forget. For instance, rarely will anyone forget a screen for a presentation, but a person may very well forget smaller items, such as the projector. Take a look at this informative video to ensure that everything on your corporate event checklist is accounted for.

    American Party Rental can provide you with quality audio visual equipment and much more for your corporate event. To find out more information about our rental catalog, simply give us a call at (512) 837-6500 today.  

  • 5 Event Types That Could Benefit from Rental Party Supplies

    From tables and chairs to dance floors and fancy accessories, quality  party rentals  are a must for event planning. No matter the grand occasion, American Party Rental has everything you will need to throw the perfect event. Here are five common event types we can help you prepare for.

    Group of young people in party hat holding balloon.

    Wedding Reception: You will need tables and chairs to accommodate your wedding reception guests, as well as a dance floor and buffet to keep them fed and entertained. If you’re planning an outdoor reception, stay safe from the elements by renting a tent. You can also utilize our party and special event tips to learn everything from napkin folding techniques to cake cutting methods.

    Graduation Party: Commemorate your son or daughter’s high school or college graduation by renting chairs, tables, a tent, audio and visual equipment, and more from American Party Rental. This momentous occasion demands thorough preparation and supplies, both of which we can assist you with.

    Corporate Event: Do you run a successful business in the Austin area? If so, you can celebrate landmark events and business deals with help from our party experts. From seating and eating arrangements to proper lighting and accessories, we can assist you in commemorating your company’s success.

    Birthday Celebration: If you’re throwing a birthday party for your son or daughter, you will need certain party supplies that are appropriate for his or her age. For instance, younger children tend to love our cotton candy and carnival food machines, while older kids often enjoy dance floors and disco balls.

    Cocktail Party: Planning a cocktail party may seem daunting, but it’s simple and fun when you work with a helpful and qualified party rental supplies company. In addition to stocking up on necessary food and drink items, you’ll need proper seating, glassware, and china, all of which you can get from American Party Rental.

    For weddings, graduations, and more, American Party Rental is your go-to source for party rental supplies in the Austin area. Call us today at (512) 837-6500 to talk with one of our friendly representatives about how we can help you plan a successful event.

  • Need More Information On Planning The Perfect Wedding? Visit These Great Links

    Married couple at home with laptop computer

    You can never receive too much assistance when planning for your wedding day . Use the following links to guide you in creating the perfect wedding checklist that includes essentials like tables, chairs, and linens. 

    • Ask yourself these wedding day questions from ABC News to ensure that you’re mentally, physically, and emotionally prepared for your special day.
    • Whether your wedding ceremony is weeks or days away, review this last-minute wedding day checklist to ensure that you have all of your equipment reserved and necessary items purchased.

    Call  American Party Rental  at (512) 837-6500 for all of your wedding day equipment needs