• Planning a Surprise Party for a Milestone Birthday

    Planning a Surprise Party for a Milestone Birthday

    Planning a surprise party can be a fun challenge, because you have to keep the secret and plan out the details and party rentals to make the party a success. However, a little help from your trusted secret-keeping guests and local party rental company can ensure the surprise party is a success for your loved one.

    Inform All Guests

    One of the most important elements of planning a successful surprise party involves your guests. Your guests need to keep the secret from the guest of honor to preserve the element of surprise. Ensure that your invitations explicitly state that the party is a surprise and to not discuss it with the birthday person. It is acceptable to make this the largest and most noticeable part of your invitations. Whenever you send out reminders or ask guests for favors, repeat that the party is a surprise to continually reinforce the point of the party.

    Reserve Party Rentals

    It is crucial to reserve your party rentals well ahead of any type of party. There are several factors that may prevent you from receiving all of the necessary rentals, such as wedding season, holiday season, and late reservations. Get the guest count for your party as soon as possible, and reserve your birthday decorations, chairs, tables, and china rentals several weeks before the date of the party.

    Plan a Decoy Activity

    Keep your guest of honor busy on the day of the party. Plan a fake activity—that you or a trusted friend accompany on—to keep the birthday person unsuspecting while the party is being set up. Ensure that the guest of honor is wearing appropriate clothing for the party, so he or she will feel comfortable after their fake outing.

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  • Handling Food Allergies Among Your Party Guests

    Handling Food Allergies Among Your Party Guests

    Food allergies and dietary restrictions are common and can lead to stressed party hosts and planners. There are certain etiquette rules when dealing with food allergies. Here is a better look at handling food allergies with your party guests:

    As you can see in the video, it may be necessary to call your guests ahead of the party to inquire about their dietary needs. Just as you’ve reserved your party supplies and party equipment, so too should you ask guests and friends if they need special foods. However, if you have dined with certain guests several times before, then it is acceptable to not ask ahead of your party and let the guest make the first move.

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  • Dealing with Common Wedding Etiquette Issues

    Bridal couples often deal with certain etiquette issues surrounding their weddings. They struggle with how to word invitations, serving certain foods, and whom to invite. These etiquette issues can influence other areas of wedding planning, such as the wedding rentals. Thankfully, there are simple rules to dealing with common wedding etiquette issues below.

    Sending Invitations

    There are many etiquette issues surrounding wedding invitations, such as who to invite and when to send out the invitations. It is customary to send out invitations six to eight weeks before the wedding date. If there are out-of-town guests, then send a save-the-date card or send the official invitation to those guests earlier.

    Receiving Responses

    Wait at least 15 days after sending out invitations to expect responses. Guests may need several days to formalize plans, request days off work, and save up traveling funds. However, it is acceptable to contact guests who have not responded to invitations yet. A week before the final count is required—for wedding rentals like chairs and china—it is okay to call or email guests who have yet to respond.

    Skipping Cake

    It is perfectly acceptable to forego the traditional wedding cake. Many people do not like cake as a dessert, and wedding cakes can cost a significant amount of money. It is better to provide guests with a suitable replacement, such as cookies, candies, or cheesecake, and spend the saved funds on more important party equipment.

    Deciding Guest Amount

    Parents’ friends, unmarried guests’ significant others, and children typically present difficult guest options for the bridal couple. If parents are paying for the wedding, then they should invite whomever they wish. Plus ones should be invited if the relationship is serious and long-term. Children may or may not be invited, but it must be a consistent decision for all guests.

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  • Exploring Your Party Chair Rental Options

    Exploring Your Party Chair Rental Options

    There are several pieces of party equipment needed for any type of party, such as table linens, tables, and chairs. Each type of event rental has many options available. Chair rentals include decorated Chiavari chairs, bar stools, and benches . Here is a brief look at the many different chair options available for all types of parties:

    Chiavari Chairs

    Chiavari chairs have been a popular chair rental since their creation in 1807. These ornate chairs can come in mahogany, white, and gold colors. Chiavari chair rentals are popular choices for a high-class corporate event or fundraiser.

    Folding Chairs

    Folding chairs are a popular choice for any type of event in any location. These chair rentals are informal, but they can be spruced up with a linen chair cover or decoration. Folding chairs can be easily transported from one location to another or throughout an entire event. They come in different colors and materials to match the look and theme of any type of party.

    Bar Stools

    Bar stools are great for an informal party or for a cocktail hour event. Bar stools can be paired with high-top, bistro table rentals. These chair rentals can be paired with traditional chairs to give guests the option between a formal sit-down meal or a casual cocktail hour meal.


    Benches can be added to any list of party rentals as an attractive seating option. Place benches in various areas around the party, so guests can sit down and socialize away from loud groups. Benches come in various styles and materials, such as wrought iron and colonnade, to match a party’s décor.

    Children’s Chairs

    Many parties and events include children as guests, so it is important to include party supplies for them, too. There are several types of children’s chair rentals, such as booster seats, folding chairs, and Chiavari chairs.

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  • How to Cut a Wedding Cake

    A wedding cake can be as simple or as intricate as the happy couple wants. However, there is still a certain way that wedding cake is usually cut. For the couple wishing to plan most of their wedding themselves—including reserving the wedding rentals and party equipment—here is a brief look at how to cut a wedding cake.

    As seen in this video, it is important to cut the cake carefully, because it will likely be room-temperature and soft. Cut it into equal parts by cutting a square out of circular cake. Don’t forget to remove any dowels if the cake is multitiered.

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