• Ideas for Keeping Your Wedding Guests Entertained

    Ideas for Keeping Your Wedding Guests Entertained

    Your wedding is a time of celebration and fun, and you can use different ideas and wedding rentals to ensure your guests have a memorable time. Let’s look at some simple ideas to keep your wedding guests entertained.

    As seen in the video, you can set up simple party equipment and games during the cocktail hour. You can also include a photo booth, choreographed dances, live performances, and interactive social media platforms. These are all fun and simple ways to keep your wedding guests engaged and having a great time.

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  • Could a Morning Wedding Be Right for You?

    You and your fiancé have many choices to make for your upcoming wedding. You must decide on the right wedding rentals , venues, and the time and date. Consider the possibilities that can come with a morning wedding, such as lowered expenses and less stress. Continue reading to see if a morning wedding is right for you.

    You want an original wedding event.

    If you and your fiancé value originality, then a morning wedding is the perfect choice. Weddings are rarely held before the late afternoon, so your guests will be pleasantly surprised when they receive an invitation for a morning wedding and brunch reception. You can serve brunch foods, such as waffles and scrambled eggs, and your guests will be able to enjoy a truly unique wedding event.

    You want a cost-effective wedding.

    There are several costs that you must consider prior to your wedding day, such as a venue, wedding rentals, and catering. Keep in mind that many of these costs can change depending on the day and time you choose for your wedding. Many venues will lower prices for weddings held during the week or in the morning. Catering costs may lower, as well, because you will serve different foods and little to no alcohol. Price all of your wedding costs for a morning and evening event to see a clear picture of how much money you can save.

    You want a stress-free wedding day.

    The day leading up to an evening wedding is often filled with nerves, extensive preparation, and last-minute changes. This can make your entire wedding day extremely stressful. You can avoid all of this stress by choosing a morning wedding. You will not have time to linger on nerves or preparation, and you will have the entire day after the wedding to relax.

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  • Dealing with Common Wedding Etiquette Issues

    Bridal couples often deal with certain etiquette issues surrounding their weddings. They struggle with how to word invitations, serving certain foods, and whom to invite. These etiquette issues can influence other areas of wedding planning, such as the wedding rentals. Thankfully, there are simple rules to dealing with common wedding etiquette issues below.

    Sending Invitations

    There are many etiquette issues surrounding wedding invitations, such as who to invite and when to send out the invitations. It is customary to send out invitations six to eight weeks before the wedding date. If there are out-of-town guests, then send a save-the-date card or send the official invitation to those guests earlier.

    Receiving Responses

    Wait at least 15 days after sending out invitations to expect responses. Guests may need several days to formalize plans, request days off work, and save up traveling funds. However, it is acceptable to contact guests who have not responded to invitations yet. A week before the final count is required—for wedding rentals like chairs and china—it is okay to call or email guests who have yet to respond.

    Skipping Cake

    It is perfectly acceptable to forego the traditional wedding cake. Many people do not like cake as a dessert, and wedding cakes can cost a significant amount of money. It is better to provide guests with a suitable replacement, such as cookies, candies, or cheesecake, and spend the saved funds on more important party equipment.

    Deciding Guest Amount

    Parents’ friends, unmarried guests’ significant others, and children typically present difficult guest options for the bridal couple. If parents are paying for the wedding, then they should invite whomever they wish. Plus ones should be invited if the relationship is serious and long-term. Children may or may not be invited, but it must be a consistent decision for all guests.

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  • Exploring Your Party Chair Rental Options

    Exploring Your Party Chair Rental Options

    There are several pieces of party equipment needed for any type of party, such as table linens, tables, and chairs. Each type of event rental has many options available. Chair rentals include decorated Chiavari chairs, bar stools, and benches . Here is a brief look at the many different chair options available for all types of parties:

    Chiavari Chairs

    Chiavari chairs have been a popular chair rental since their creation in 1807. These ornate chairs can come in mahogany, white, and gold colors. Chiavari chair rentals are popular choices for a high-class corporate event or fundraiser.

    Folding Chairs

    Folding chairs are a popular choice for any type of event in any location. These chair rentals are informal, but they can be spruced up with a linen chair cover or decoration. Folding chairs can be easily transported from one location to another or throughout an entire event. They come in different colors and materials to match the look and theme of any type of party.

    Bar Stools

    Bar stools are great for an informal party or for a cocktail hour event. Bar stools can be paired with high-top, bistro table rentals. These chair rentals can be paired with traditional chairs to give guests the option between a formal sit-down meal or a casual cocktail hour meal.


    Benches can be added to any list of party rentals as an attractive seating option. Place benches in various areas around the party, so guests can sit down and socialize away from loud groups. Benches come in various styles and materials, such as wrought iron and colonnade, to match a party’s décor.

    Children’s Chairs

    Many parties and events include children as guests, so it is important to include party supplies for them, too. There are several types of children’s chair rentals, such as booster seats, folding chairs, and Chiavari chairs.

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  • How to Cut a Wedding Cake

    A wedding cake can be as simple or as intricate as the happy couple wants. However, there is still a certain way that wedding cake is usually cut. For the couple wishing to plan most of their wedding themselves—including reserving the wedding rentals and party equipment—here is a brief look at how to cut a wedding cake.

    As seen in this video, it is important to cut the cake carefully, because it will likely be room-temperature and soft. Cut it into equal parts by cutting a square out of circular cake. Don’t forget to remove any dowels if the cake is multitiered.

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  • What Types of Linens Are Included in Wedding Receptions?

    Wedding receptions usually need several components to be successful, such as great food, music, and beautiful tables. Tables require several different table linens to look complete. Reception tables require more than one linen—for example, main linens, overlays, and liners—to provide a compelling and attractive-looking dining area for your guests. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of table linens you will need for your wedding reception.

    Main Linens

    The main table linen rental will be the fabric that covers the entire table. This linen is often in white or black so all the centerpiece and accent linen colors can stand out. You will have many choices for fabric, such as organza, cotton, and satin. It is best to look at your desired color in all fabric selections to ensure your table linens match your wedding vision.


    Liners may seem like a minor element of your table linens, but they are necessary to the look, feel, and protection of your entire table. Liners are not seen by your guests, but they can protect the table itself, and they add a more luxurious feeling to the main table linens.


    Overlays are linens that are smaller than the main linen, and they add more opportunities for color and dimension. An overlay can be a circle, square, or a narrow rectangle, also called a runner, that is centered across each of your table rentals. If you have chosen a white table linen, then use an overlay to represent one of your wedding colors and add depth to your tables.

    Chair Covers

    Chair covers are another common type of linen used for wedding receptions. These linens make your chairs look and feel more comfortable and luxurious. They can be paired with a colored sash to further represent your wedding colors.

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  • Elegant Lighting Arrangements for Your Wedding Reception

    Your wedding should be one of the most memorable days of your life, and it takes a lot of planning to make sure the event goes off without any problems. Whether you are working with a wedding planner or enlisting the help of friends and family, there are many details to take care of before the big day. Working with a company that specializes in wedding rentals can help you get what you need, including tables, chairs, linens, and china. The lighting for your wedding reception will play a big part in setting the mood for the experience. Keep reading to learn about a few lighting arrangement possibilities for your wedding reception.

    Romantic Lighting

    Is there anything more romantic than a wedding? If you don’t have the right lighting at your reception, you could end up creating a mood that is more sterile than romantic. To make your reception romantic, make sure you have enough light for your guests to see, but nothing too bright. You can rent chandeliers, candelabras, and hanging lights to set the mood in your wedding tent. Keep the lighting low around the dance floor, but make the paths to the restrooms brighter—especially if the ground is uneven.

    Modern Lighting

    If you are going for a more modern atmosphere for your wedding reception, keep the lighting design in mind. Color wash lighting gives an interesting backdrop for your festivities, and can make your photos really pop. Make sure you choose colors that are flattering for skin tones. You can also add lighting to your table centerpieces or flower arrangements to make the entire place glow.

    Classic Lighting

    Traditionalists might forego the previous options and choose a classic lighting arrangement, utilizing sparkling lights and spotlights to draw attention to different elements of your wedding reception. Put a spotlight on the dance floor, or place old fashioned street lamps around your wedding tent for a timeless feel.

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  • Festive Tent Draping Ideas

    Are you in the planning stages of an event? When you are getting ready to host a party, there are many elements you must keep organized. Make sure you rent the party supplies that you need to make your event fun as well as aesthetically pleasing. Watch this short video to see how you can drape a tent that you can use for a wedding or other special event.

    To drape a tent, you should have the right supplies on hand. You can use a fabric such as organza and a plastic hoop, and have the tent serve as a focal point for a wedding ceremony or reception. Choose colors that work well with your event but won’t overpower the other decorations. Typically, one neutral color like white will look great paired with a more vibrant color such as a rich red or deep blue.

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  • Unique Decoration Ideas for Your Wedding Arch

    If you’re like many people, you’ve dreamed about your wedding for a long time. Now that your big day is on the horizon, it’s important to stay organized and plan so that your wedding will go off without a hitch. After you have chosen the perfect venue, you’ll need wedding rentals to fully set the scene. In addition to the supplies you need for your guests such as chairs and tables, don’t forget the equipment that will give your wedding that extra special touch. The wedding arch is one of the most photographed elements of your wedding—next to the happy couple, of course—so keep reading to find out about unique decoration ideas.


    There are few more beautiful ways to decorate your wedding arch than through the use of flowers. You can work with your wedding florist to discuss your ideas, such as having the arch flowers complement the bridal bouquet. Choose colors that go with your wedding theme, or opt for just white blooms for a simple and elegant touch. You may also want to use fabric accents alongside the flowers, which can be the same color as your table linen rentals for consistency. The wedding arch will be in many of your pictures, so keep this in mind when you decorate to make sure that it doesn’t overpower the scene.


    If you are having an outdoor wedding, take a look at the space around you and see if there is a tree that would work as a wedding arch. That way, you’ll be shaded from the sun during a daytime wedding, and it will add a natural element to your ceremony. You can dress a tree up using linens, lights, and other decorations. By using the tree as the focal point of the arch, you will have a beautiful backdrop for the moment when you say “I do” to your soulmate.

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  • Planning a Post-Wedding Brunch Buffet

    When planning a wedding, the last thing you want to think about is adding another event to the wedding weekend. However, a post-wedding brunch is an event that is designed to be a casual way to wrap up a wedding. For tips on planning an enjoyable day-after wedding brunch complete with wedding supply rentals, keep on reading.

    Guest List wedding reception rentals austin

    Whether you had a large wedding or a more intimate affair, the post-wedding brunch is traditionally a smaller event . Generally, the bride and groom’s close family and bridal party will attend the brunch. Of course, the bride and groom may decide to invite others that they are close to, or perhaps guests who traveled from out of town for the wedding. The brunch is a chance for the bride and groom to have a more relaxed time with some of their guests. The stress of the wedding is over, and now is the time for the bride and groom to enjoy the company of their guests!


    The location of the brunch buffet should be convenient for guests. If the wedding was at a hotel and many guests stayed the night, then it would make sense to have the brunch at the hotel as well. A location near the venue, or where guests stayed the night, would be the best option so that guests can easily join you instead of having to worry about finding transportation to a totally new venue.

    Time of Day

    The optimal time for your post-wedding brunch will depend on the time of your wedding. If your wedding runs into the evening, consider starting brunch later in the morning. Make sure you know which guests have to leave and when so you can avoid starting brunch too late in the day.

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