• Planning a Post-Wedding Brunch Buffet

    When planning a wedding, the last thing you want to think about is adding another event to the wedding weekend. However, a post-wedding brunch is an event that is designed to be a casual way to wrap up a wedding. For tips on planning an enjoyable day-after wedding brunch complete with wedding supply rentals, keep on reading.

    Guest List

    Whether you had a large wedding or a more intimate affair, the post-wedding brunch is traditionally a smaller event . Generally, the bride and groom’s close family and bridal party will attend the brunch. Of course, the bride and groom may decide to invite others that they are close to, or perhaps guests who traveled from out of town for the wedding. The brunch is a chance for the bride and groom to have a more relaxed time with some of their guests. The stress of the wedding is over, and now is the time for the bride and groom to enjoy the company of their guests!


    The location of the brunch buffet should be convenient for guests. If the wedding was at a hotel and many guests stayed the night, then it would make sense to have the brunch at the hotel as well. A location near the venue, or where guests stayed the night, would be the best option so that guests can easily join you instead of having to worry about finding transportation to a totally new venue.

    Time of Day

    The optimal time for your post-wedding brunch will depend on the time of your wedding. If your wedding runs into the evening, consider starting brunch later in the morning. Make sure you know which guests have to leave and when so you can avoid starting brunch too late in the day.

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  • Putting the Finishing Touches on Your Event

    When planning an event, you have most likely spent weeks, even months, figuring out every last detail. As your event date draws nearer, it can be easy to forget a final detail or one small item. When accounting for all your party supplies, it is important to make sure you have everything you need for a complete event.

    If you are planning to have balloons for your party decorations, be sure not to forget to rent a helium tank. You may have selected all your final linens, but haven’t secured a backdrop for your event. Perhaps everything is ready to go with your venue, but you haven’t nailed down a way to reserve parking spaces.

    At American Party Rental , we have all the odds and ends necessary to complete your event, such as party lighting! Call (512) 236-5773 to inquire about all the party supplies we offer and how we can help put the finishing touches on your event.