• Choosing from Our Wide Selection of Rental Chairs

    Whether you are planning a wedding, a corporate event, or a birthday party, one thing is for certain: you will need to provide seating for your guests. Everyone will appreciate having a place to sit down and eat, listen to speakers, or just chat with their fellow partygoers. Choose chair rentals that work with the theme and décor of your event. You may opt for classic folding chairs, or stylish benches to place around the perimeter of your event. If you expect to have children at your party, you might want to provide child-sized chairs to make even your smallest guests feel like a part of the festivities. Rental chairs come in different colors, so choose one that looks good with the rest of your party supplies.

    Find the chair rentals and other party supplies you need at American Party Rental in Austin. Our party supply experts will help you choose the perfect chairs for any type of event that you are hosting. Contact us at (512) 236-5773 to inquire about our event rentals.

  • Why Rent Table Linens?

    Whether you are hosting a corporate event, a birthday party, or a wedding, it is essential that your guests feel comfortable throughout their time at your event. Once you find a great venue for your party, you can start to figure out how you want to set up your space. Make sure that you provide enough seating for all of your guests, especially if your event involves a seated meal. Renting table linens is a smart idea because it allows you to customize the look of your party. Choose colors that go with your theme, or have them match your business’ logo if you are throwing an employee appreciation party. By renting table linens, you’ll also save yourself money. You won’t have to purchase linens that you may never need to use again, which also means you do not need to find a place to clean or store them.

    For a great selection of table linens for your event, contact American Party Rental at (512) 236-5773. We offer a wide variety of colors and patterns so you can get just the look you want for your party. Find out what has made us a great Austin choice for party rentals and table linen rentals since 1989.

  • Festive Tent Draping Ideas

    Are you in the planning stages of an event? When you are getting ready to host a party, there are many elements you must keep organized. Make sure you rent the party supplies that you need to make your event fun as well as aesthetically pleasing. Watch this short video to see how you can drape a tent that you can use for a wedding or other special event.

    To drape a tent, you should have the right supplies on hand. You can use a fabric such as organza and a plastic hoop, and have the tent serve as a focal point for a wedding ceremony or reception. Choose colors that work well with your event but won’t overpower the other decorations. Typically, one neutral color like white will look great paired with a more vibrant color such as a rich red or deep blue.

    For all of the party accessories you need to make your event in Austin a success, contact American Party Rental at (512) 236-5773. Our friendly staff will help you get everything you need including table linen rentals, china, lights, and more. Visit our website to learn more about what party rentals we have for you .

  • Ideas for Your Next Fundraising Raffle

    Hosting a successful event takes a lot of planning, dedication, and hard work. In order to make your event fun for everyone in attendance, you’ll need the right party supplies . The type of event you’re having will help you decide what you need, such as chairs, lights, and table linen rentals. When you are hosting a fundraiser, it is a good idea to make sure that there are plenty of ways for your guests to contribute to your cause. Fundraising raffles are a great idea, as multiple items can be raffled off at different contribution levels. Keep reading for helpful tips on your next fundraising raffle.


    Whether you are raising money for a school sports team or a non-profit organization, you will want your guests to feel like their financial contributions are going to a good cause. Giving something back to your donors shows them that they are appreciated, and many people enjoy the suspense and surprise of entering a raffle. At your fundraising event, you can have different types of raffles for people to enter. You might consider raffling off a weekend getaway by selling tickets at a higher amount, or smaller prizes such as a massage or salon services for less money. That way, you’ll appeal to more of your guests and allow everyone the opportunity to participate.


    One of the appealing parts of a raffle is not knowing who is going to win. For some prizes, you might decide to let people enter and then announce the winners after the event is over. If you have a grand prize, you can make the announcement at the end of the party, which encourages your guests to stay longer to find out if they win. Ask your party store about what you can do to make the big reveal more dramatic, such as using a brass raffle drum to select the winner.

    When you need help making your next fundraiser a success, call American Party Rental at (512) 236-5773. We have all of the party supplies, special event rentals, and decorations you need for a fun and memorable event in Austin. Our outstanding customer service has made us the top choice for party rentals since 1989.

  • Unique Decoration Ideas for Your Wedding Arch

    If you’re like many people, you’ve dreamed about your wedding for a long time. Now that your big day is on the horizon, it’s important to stay organized and plan so that your wedding will go off without a hitch. After you have chosen the perfect venue, you’ll need wedding rentals to fully set the scene. In addition to the supplies you need for your guests such as chairs and tables, don’t forget the equipment that will give your wedding that extra special touch. The wedding arch is one of the most photographed elements of your wedding—next to the happy couple, of course—so keep reading to find out about unique decoration ideas.


    There are few more beautiful ways to decorate your wedding arch than through the use of flowers. You can work with your wedding florist to discuss your ideas, such as having the arch flowers complement the bridal bouquet. Choose colors that go with your wedding theme, or opt for just white blooms for a simple and elegant touch. You may also want to use fabric accents alongside the flowers, which can be the same color as your table linen rentals for consistency. The wedding arch will be in many of your pictures, so keep this in mind when you decorate to make sure that it doesn’t overpower the scene.


    If you are having an outdoor wedding, take a look at the space around you and see if there is a tree that would work as a wedding arch. That way, you’ll be shaded from the sun during a daytime wedding, and it will add a natural element to your ceremony. You can dress a tree up using linens, lights, and other decorations. By using the tree as the focal point of the arch, you will have a beautiful backdrop for the moment when you say “I do” to your soulmate.

    Call American Party Rental in Austin at (512) 236-5773 to find out how we can help you make your wedding day unforgettable. With high quality wedding rentals and party accessories for your Austin event, we have you covered from the ceremony all the way through your reception .