• Make Your Wedding Unique with a Signature Cocktail

    Your wedding should be a memorable day for not only you and your new spouse, but also your guests. Creating a signature cocktail can make your wedding more unique. Watch this video to learn more.

    A signature cocktail can have meaning to you as a couple or could just be a drink that you both enjoy. You might want to create something reminiscent of what you were drinking when you got engaged or that reflects the two of you as a couple. Get creative by giving your cocktail a fun name and displaying it on a board at the bar.

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  • Save Money on Your Wedding with a Cocktail Party Celebration

    Your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life. It can also be one of the most expensive days of your life, depending on the choices you make. From renting out a reception venue to paying for catering and party favors, the bill for your wedding day can skyrocket if you’re not careful. You can save money and still have a great wedding by hosting a cocktail party celebration.


    Choose an Appropriate Venue
    cocktail party wedding celebration  is often less expensive because you can host it just about anywhere! Instead of renting out an expensive reception hall, you can host a cocktail party at a friend’s house or even your own backyard where you don’t have to pay fees. You can still create a great party atmosphere by renting party supplies like a tent, tables, and chairs. Your guests will appreciate the intimate, personal atmosphere, and you won’t have to worry about driving out of your way to get to the reception.

    Serve Delicious Refreshments
    If having a formal sit-down dinner doesn’t appeal to you, a cocktail party is a great alternative. Catering for a three-course meal can run up a hefty price tag, so opt for delicious hors d’oeuvres for your guests instead. Whether you choose to have passed or buffeted appetizers, you can save money by keeping it less formal. You could offer an open bar for a limited amount of time or just provide champagne for toasts and a cash bar for the rest of the evening.

    Keep It Short and Sweet
    Cocktail party celebrations tend to be shorter than formal receptions, which is another way you can save money. Instead of keeping your guests fed and hydrated for five or more hours, most cocktail parties last only about three hours. This shorter time means you could pay less for hired staff and you won’t have to provide as many refreshments.

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  • Learn to Fold the Perfect Pinwheel Napkin

    Learn how to fold the perfect pinwheel napkin from your friends at American Party Rental!

  • How to Arrange Seating for Your Next Large Dinner Party

    Hosting a dinner party is a great way to socialize with your friends, acquaintances, and colleagues while enjoying a delicious meal. A dinner party gives you the opportunity to catch up with old friends and introduce people from different parts of your life to each other. Invite as many guests as you want and rent tables and chairs to accommodate everyone. Once you know who will be attending, you should arrange a seating chart.

    Woman Serving At Family Meal

    Mix It Up
    In addition to reconnecting with old friends, one of the main points of a dinner party is to have your guests interact with new people. When you are arranging your assigned seating, consider the personalities of each guest. Your shy colleague might be brought out of his shell if he is seated next to your vivacious neighbor whom he has never met. Avoid arranging the seating by groups, and try placing couples across the table from each other rather than next to each other. This kind of seating arrangement will make people feel comfortable and encourage mingling at the same time.

    Make Name Cards
    Creating personalized name cards and placing them at each seat will minimize any confusion from your guests as to where to sit. Though some guests may be wary at first of assigned seating, you can decorate the name cards with a person’s hobbies or interests so there is a conversation icebreaker at the ready. Think about sitting people together who don’t know each other but share similar interests.

    Choose the Right Seat for Yourself
    Hosting a dinner party  is no small job, which is why you should station yourself near the center of activity. Place your seat so you can see the majority of the guests at the table, and give yourself easy access to the kitchen if you need to check on food.

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  • Choosing Colors for Your Outdoor Summer Wedding

    Wedding planning is no easy task, and there are many choices to be made regarding your ceremony and reception. If you are having an outdoor summer wedding , choose fun and seasonal colors for your décor.

    Multi-coloured bouquet

    An outdoor setting is fresh and festive, and your color choices should reflect that. Greens, yellows, and blues echo nature, and can give your wedding a lively feel. If you are more of a traditionalist, emphasize black and white with carefully chosen pops of deep red. This way, your wedding will be formal, but still seasonally appropriate. Orange flowers also give a summery feel, whether they are in your bouquet or part of your table’s centerpieces.

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  • Use This App to Stay Organized Through the Event Planning Process

    If you’re planning a major event, it’s a good idea to begin by making a list of all of the items you need to purchase or rent. One simple way to do this while also establishing a practical budget is to download the Event Planner Free app for Android devices.

    This user-friendly app allows you to input each of your upcoming expenses as well as any income you may be receiving in order to generate a budget for the party. You can also put together multiple events at one time.

    american party rental

    Another great resource during the party-planning process is the experienced staff here at American Party Rental. You can find out about our rental catalog and  special offers  by calling us in Austin at (888) 717-7301.