• Birthday Party Planning Mistakes

    When planning a party for your child, you want to make sure that he or she is the focus of the event. Allowing yourself to get carried away planning a party that you would enjoy, rather than one that your son or daughter would, is a common party planning mistake.

    This video provides information to help you avoid birthday party planning mistakes. You will learn why it is important to have enough tables and chairs available to accommodate everyone, even if you have not heard their response. Watch this clip to find more party planning tips.

    American Party Rental makes it easy to plan a party in Austin. With our vast rental catalog, you can find whatever you need to create the perfect event. Call  (512) 837-6500 to learn more.

  • Add Some Fun to Your Next Corporate Event with These Carnival Games!

    bottle ring

    Throwing a carnival is a great way to get people excited about your next corporate event. On top of the regular party supplies , consider renting some carnival games to liven up the mood. Including the following at your carnival will make it an instant success:

    Bottle Ring Game

    With twelve plastic bottles and twelve plastic rings available in each bottle ring game rental, you can set up an area that provides a fun opportunity at your event. This equipment rental keeps your carnival attendees entertained as they test their throwing skills. Whether you are hosting a corporate event to reward your staff or to attract more customers, fun carnival games like this one will give your event a lighthearted atmosphere.

    Electronic Basketball

    Set up a little friendly competition with an electronic basketball event rental that can house one or two players. The double scorekeeper shows which player is in the lead as they shoot it out for victory. You can even offer a prize to the winner to keep the game interesting.

    Golf Challenge

    Golf is often a favorite sport at corporate retreats, so why not add it to your carnival setting? With the golf challenge game, your guests can improve their swing so that they are ready for the next company conference. Best of all, this game makes the carnival fun for people of all ages.

    Wheel of Chance

    With the wheel of chance, your guests can test their luck as they spin the wheel. Place a different prize or penalty in each of the twenty-four slots to make the game more interesting. This is a carnival game that will keep people coming back for more.

    American Party Rentals provides those in the Austin area with all of the necessary supplies, chair rentals, and corporate party rentals necessary to throw unforgettable events. We can provide you with all of the games listed above so that you can host a great corporate carnival. Visit us online or call (512) 837-6500 to start planning your event today.

  • Want To Know More About Hosting A Great Event? Take A Look At These Webpages

    Whether you’re planning a hot summer wedding or a fun business meeting, there is plenty of advice out there to help you do it right. Explore these links and articles to find out how to throw a great event:

    For help renting the perfect equipment for your next event, call American Party Rental at (512) 837-6500 .

  • What You Need to Know About Tent Rentals

    Illuminated party tent

    When considering a tent rental , it’s important to consider how the specifications of the tent might meet the needs of your special occasion, wedding, or corporate event. Choose the size and accessories that will make your tent rental as comfortable as possible for your guests, and be sure to use a company that offers professional setup.

    Different Tent Sizes and Shapes Serve Different Purposes

    Differently-sized tents accommodate different numbers of guests and party functions. For cocktail parties and receptions with standing room only, plan on providing eight sq. feet per person. For cocktail parties with partial seating, plan on a tent that accommodates 10 sq. feet per person. If you’re planning to have dinner or banquet seating, eight foot rectangular tables require 12 sq. ft per person and 72” round tables call for 15 sq. ft per person of tent space.

    Accessories Can Help Make Your Tent More Comfortable

    When deciding if you need to add accessories to your tent rental, consider the season, time of day, and activities that will be happening inside. Rent tent heaters if the weather forecast is on the cooler side, or if the day looks like it will be hot, consider renting a pedestal fan for powerful air circulation. A Port-A-Cool system is capable of cooling a 30’ x 30’ area 30 degrees. For maximum heating and cooling efficiency, you’ll want to rent tent sidewalls, which come with or without windows depending on whether you want more sunlight inside. A Port-A-Floor tent-flooring accessory is great for adding stability to a tent that’s located on grass or natural surfaces.

    Professional Setup Is a Safer Option

    Most large tents require installation by properly trained staff. A professional can ensure that your tent is set up safely for a variety of outdoor activities, and knows the steps to take in locating and avoiding any underground or overhead utilities.

    For a great selection of small and large tent rentals and accessories , contact American Party Rental. Our family-owned and -operated business in Austin rents out everything you need for a party, wedding, or corporate event. Call us today at  (512) 837-6500 for more information.

  • Make Your Next Office Meeting Fun with a Popcorn, Cotton Candy, or Sno Cone Machine!

    Yummy Cotton Candy

    Providing fun party concessions at your next office meeting is a great way to improve attendance as well as lift employees’ moods during meetings. Consider renting a classic popcorn, cotton candy, or Sno Cone machine for an upcoming office meeting or corporate party and enjoy the following:

    Popcorn Machine

    Including a popcorn machine in your next office meeting can really mix things up. Popcorn is a fun, delicious, and economical snack that can be ordered in the manner that best suits your needs. Popcorn packs may be purchased at $1.75 each, with each popcorn pack serving 10 one-oz. popcorn bags. A 30-count popcorn case can be purchased at  $49.00, making popcorn a cost-effective way to boost employee morale.

    Sno Cone Machine

    Having Sno Cones at your next meeting is a great option for summer, as bringing in sweets for your employees is a great way to motivate staff . Just one gallon of syrup for $9 will serve 60 Sno Cone cups. Flavors include blue bubblegum, cherry, coconut, grape, pineapple, lemon-lime, orange, piña colada, red raspberry, and strawberry.

    Cotton Candy Machine

    Haven’t you always wanted to spin your own cotton candy? Consider adding a cotton candy machine to your next office meeting for a classic and fun snack. Just one $9 half-gallon carton of blue raspberry, pink vanilla, grape, or strawberry floss sugar will make approximately 60 average-sized cones.

    To find about more about these or other concession equipment and party supply rentals, contact American Party Rental . We are a locally-owned family business that has served Austin’s party supply needs since 1989. Choose from our wide selection of tents, tables, chairs, linens, and china to make your next event truly special. Call us today at (512) 837-6500 to learn more.

  • How American Party Rental Can Help You with Your Next Event

    Since 1989, American Party Rental has specialized in providing items for events of all types. We have everything you need for weddings, quinceañeras, meetings, banquets, conferences, and other special events.

    Check out this video to learn more about American Party Rental’s high-quality service and equipment. Dance floors, chairs, tables, tents, and champagne fountains are just some of the hundreds of rentals we offer.

    For more information about our beautiful table, tent, linen, and china rentals , call American Party Rental in Austin at (512) 837-6500 .

  • Click Through To These Resources To Learn More About Renting The Right Supplies For Your Next Party

    Are you planning a special event? Do you want more organizational tips? You can put together the perfect party with help from these websites:

    • Take a look at this page from HowStuffWorks.com for tips that will help you plan a fabulous party!
    • Food and drink are vital for the success of any event. Visit this page from TheNibble.com to learn how to find the perfect caterer .
    • Are you planning an event to show off a new product or service? Find advice for throwing a launch party on this page from eHow.com.
    • Visit Epicurious.com for a guide that you can use to plan the perfect cocktail party .
    • Check out this page form MarthaStewart.com for even more party-planning tips to help you put together a fantastic bash!

    Contact American Party Rental today at (512) 837-6500 for more information!

  • Plan the Perfect Event with the Help of This App

    plannig app

    Parties are always a delight—whether you are hosting one or attending one! If you are throwing the party, you should start planning right away to ensure that you get everything you need. Organizing a party can be overwhelming, which is why the Event Planner, Checklist & Countdown Lite app, available on iTunes, is such a handy tool.

    With this amazing app, you will be able to easily plan an unforgettable party. Use this app to store your guest list, budget information, venue details, and more! You can also share party information through Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail, and keep a countdown of how many days are left until your big event.

    You can also keep track of your party rentals with this app! To learn more about the amazing party supplies available here at American Party Rental , call us today at  (512) 837-6500.

  • How to Plan a Great Corporate Event

    Business Presentation

    Spring is on its way! Take advantage of the beautiful weather in Austin by planning a special event for your colleagues and coworkers. In order to throw a truly unforgettable corporate party , you must consider a variety of details. Following these tips will help you put together an amazing corporate event that your guests will remember forever:

    Find the right audio/visual equipment. There are many different reasons to host a corporate event: helping employees learn about new services, showing off products to consumers, or simply holding a celebration of your team’s hard work. Regardless of the reason for your event, you can enhance it with the right audio/visual equipment. Devices like LCD date projectors, PA systems, podiums, projection screens, and speakers can all add to your event, enabling you to give presentations, recite speeches, and even play music for entertainment!

    Include tables and chairs. You and your guests will need a place to sit and chat during your event—that’s why it’s important to rent enough tables and chairs to provide a comfortable experience for all of your guests. These party items can provide the perfect audience area during a presentation or speech. Tables and chairs also give guests an opportunity to meet and get to know one another better.

    Don’t forget fun accessories. Who says corporate events can’t be fun? You can make sure that you and your guests have an exceptional time by including a few party accessories that are sure to get the crowd pumped up. Here at American Party Rental, you can choose from accessories like bars, dance floors, and stages. These items will give you the space you need to add more fun activities and attractions to your special event!

    You can find all of the above items and many more here at American Party Rental! If you would like to learn more about our party supplies, visit us online or call us today at (512) 837-6500 .

  • 3 Benefits of Renting Party Supplies Instead of Buying Them

    dinner table

    Nothing is more exciting than throwing a party! From writing up the guest list to decorating the venue and choosing party favors, you are sure to have a great time when planning your next special event. You can find everything you need for a successful party here at American Party Rental. Here are some of the benefits of renting your party supplies as opposed to buying them:

    1. Spending Less Money. Party rental selections include a variety of popular supplies, from smaller accessories such as cake stands to bigger items such as tents and canopies. If you plan to buy all of your party supplies on your own, you will find that the costs quickly add up. Depending on how many guests you plan to have, you will need to make sure you purchase enough items for everyone. Larger items like audio/visual equipment can cost a fortune—leaving you broke after your special event! But when you rent your party supplies, you can spend a lot less and still get all of the equipment you need.
    2. Finding the Perfect Items. It can be difficult to find the supplies you need to put together your dream party . You may be able to find the basics, like balloons, streamers, and confetti at any party store—but what about the other essentials? You may not be able to find carnival food machines and fountains at your local party supply store. That is why party rentals provide the perfect alternative!
    3. Eliminating the Need for Extra Storage Space. That old-fashioned popcorn machine may be the perfect choice for your spring or summer party, but will it be practical for your daily life? If you buy your party supplies, you will have to find storage space for them once the event is over. Renting your party supplies, on the other hand, means that you can relax and watch as they are taken away afterward!

    Find all of the party rentals you need here at American Party Rental in Austin! Learn more about our party supplies by giving us a call at (512) 837-6500 .