Tips for Turning Your Concession Stand into a Fundraising Winner

Portrait of a young boy eating popcorn

If you are looking to raise some funds for a good cause, a concession stand serves as a great resource for making money. A stand like this is cheap to run, but can bring in a profit. Use the following tips to take advantage of a concession stand by turning it into a successful fundraiser:

Build Your Team

Organizing a fundraiser takes a lot of work, which is why it is a good idea to bring together a group of volunteers who can each be responsible for a particular job. Once you have your group set, you should choose one person to serve as the chair who can make executive decisions whenever they are required. Whether you want to serve as the leader or appoint someone else, you should definitely take the time to put someone in charge.

Order Your Party Rentals

After you have decided who will work on your team , you can start to order party rentals that allow your concession stand to come together. From popcorn machines to snow cone syrup, you should first decide what you want to serve at your stand and then order the party supplies you need to make it.

Decide on Your Pricing

The way you price your items is extremely important because it will decide how much money you can raise. You need to set prices that will bring in a profit, but still entice people to buy food and drinks. It will be helpful to do some research on other concession stands in the area to determine a fair price to charge for your items.

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