How to Serve Food at Your Wedding Reception

Wedding reception Austin, TX One of the best parts of a wedding is undoubtedly the food served at the reception. Guests look forward to seeing what the host will choose to serve and delight in taking part in the eating. If you’re looking into catering and wedding supply rentals in Austin, consider trying something unique. Read on to learn about different and creative ways to serve your wedding guests.

Have a Barbecue

Barbecuing is always a crowd favorite, and it’s great for a casual wedding held outdoors. You can easily rent barbecue equipment at a low cost and prepare food for a large amount of people. Hire a designated team to barbecue so that your wedding party can relax and enjoy the festivities. Barbecue is easy to serve in a buffet style, with guests lining up and choosing their food and toppings along the way.

Set Up Food Stations

Food stations are a great way to make sure that every guest is happy, especially if you have a large number of guests. You can also take into account everyone’s dietary needs with different tables that serve various foods. Set up a station for each type of food, such as seafood, pasta, or Chinese cuisine, and encourage people to experiment. Keep in mind that this can be a more expensive catering option, but it is a fun choice if it fits your budget.

Serve a Late Brunch

A fun and different way to serve your wedding guests is to cater with breakfast or brunch foods. Especially great for a morning wedding, brunch during the reception is a fun option that may set your wedding apart. Options are endless and preparation is easy with foods like bagels and spreads, pancakes, and specialty meats. You can also choose to have a chef at an omelet station where guests can choose their fillings.

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