Tips for Planning a Summer Wedding

It’s possible to have a beautiful wedding no matter what season you schedule it in. With the right party supplies and these helpful tips, your summer wedding will go off without a hitch, despite the heat.

Help Your Guests Handle the Heat Wedding Rental Austin

Your guests should enjoy your wedding as much as you, so there are a few different items you’ll need to keep them comfortable in the heat. Summer party equipment like fans, portable air conditioners, and tent rentals will be your best friends during a summer wedding . You should also have a lot of ice water—served with lemon or cucumber slices, perhaps—and sunscreen available.

Keep Yourself Cool

Don’t forget to protect yourself and the bridal party in the heat. Choose your gown, tuxedos, and bridesmaids dresses in lighter fabrics that breathe. Keep your makeup and hairstyles light—heavy makeup will run and look oily, and an elaborate up-do will most likely fall or become frizzy in hot, humid weather.

Store Food Carefully

Be sure anything that needs to be kept cool or fresh—like seafood, cheese, and salad—is constantly kept on a cooled serving dish. Try to make your menu as light and fresh as possible; vegetables, fruits, and light meats are perfect summer food. Make sure the food is covered to keep flies and bugs away.

Choose Your Decorations Wisely

Ask your florist to arrange summer flowers in your bouquet; some flowers can wilt and discolor in the summer heat. You may consider silk flowers, paper flowers, and even broach-filled bouquets instead. Make sure your centerpieces can withstand the heat, as well. If they use water, make sure the water doesn’t evaporate.

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